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Switching to Clerk.io immediately raised our conversions from onsite search. Great service and Clerk.io has become an integrated part of our business. Jesper Hvejsel, Group CEO, Firtal Group
Jesper Hvejsel Group CEO, Firtal Group

Amazon-like recommendations for a small price! I've been using the recommendations for a few weeks now, and the results are promising. We can see that the basket size has increased a lot since integrating Clerk.io.
On setting up Clerk, I was missing some product variables. The support team picked this up very quick and the developer team integrated this for me within several days, amazing customer support.
The price for this product is very competitive against similar software, definitely worth the money.
The customer service is next to none, highly recommend them if you have a few hours spare to go through it with them to make sure it fits your theme. Super helpful team. And they are growing more n more so the program must work.
Combat Corner Norge
Best e-commerce tool on the market. Clerk.io is in my experience the best tool for product recommendations and search.

Their experienced people help with technical setup and are in control of UX, so our customers get the best experience on our website.

We have so far increased our basket size and average order value.What's not to like :-)
Nicolaj - TeeShoppen

We've used Clerk.io since the beginning of 2015 and there is no question about it, Clerk.io is one of our secret weapons. Their support, service and know-how continue to amaze us!
Nick Dam Jørgensen
The team at Clerk.io have been faultless and they have helped us increase our online sales. Our total order value is up 13%!
Alistair Hardy
Clerk.io was easy to set up and the financial performance has been outstanding. I would recommend every e-Tailer to give it a try!
Michael Thingmand

Really happy with their service. Really happy with their service, have never received a quicker, friendly, and more professional service from anyone than I have done from Riccardo.
Michael Byrne
Probably the best customer service experience I've ever had. Fast replies. Everything was fixed on-the-fly and explained perfectly so I could fix stuff myself aswell.
Remi Johansen
We have been using Clerk for almost 3 years now and I have nothing but kind words. Such a shame 10 stars isn't an option. Because Clerk.io deserves that for the excellence they provide. Clerk.io always go above and beyond to fix bugs and help out. Drawing from my past 15+ years of experience with software providers, they excell at support and customer service. I have never experienced anything like this before, it is such a pleasure to experience how every request is taken seriously and handled with a smile.

Why aren't you using Clerk.io? Clerk.io has a great interface and loads of easy to manage tools. If you want to add personalisation to your web store Clerk.io is a great choice. Yes there are others out there with more features but they are less transparent about the analytics or the ROI.
G2 User in Retail
A great platform which has done wonders for our company. Their platform provides in an array of options which enable us to grow our sales. Our favourite is their audience feature, which gives an in-depth knowledge of our customers journey and what we can do to target them. We suppply recommendations to our customers to tailor their experience rather than give them generic product ideas. For a gift boutique such as ourselves, this is a life saver.
Mason K
Fantastic tool, essential for ecommerce. At Hudson Digital, we love Clerk.io. The product recommendations and search recommendations provide customers with a personalised and efficient user experience. Clerk's AI based solution allows us, as developers, to streamline the customer journey in a way which is tailored to our customers needs. We have recommended Clerk to a number of our clients, who have all seen great improvements in their conversions. The support staff are some of the best anywhere and are always quick and happy to help with any queries. They are also pro-active with clients, helping them to get the absolute best out of the service. Highly recommend.
Richie B

Wonderful support for great service. Clerk is a great service that has powered our business since we have started with them. One of wonderful things is the support, you can ask anything obout the features and you'll receive a professional tech support in a very few time. Thanks a lot for the great service offered!
Daniele Z
For me, as a digital manager, it was very important to understand both the tool and the value that the tool brings to our site. Thanks to Domenico's support, we analyzed the current settings and he gave me some very valuable suggestions on the implementations to be made, in order to improve our CR. Clear, precise and very helpful. I will definitely turn back to him to achieve even more advices. Thanks alot!
Caterina G
I am an early adopter since we have used their product recommendations and search functionality. I really love in details the search functionality: spell checker, category matching, syntax and such a new tool like the latest one the Merchandising which allow us to overwrite the AI of clerk.io for special tailored need, just amazing and time saving. Also as new product i used a lot the audience and the Mailchimp integration is great and save me a lot of time for ordinary task that makes me really happy and quick on my daily need. we have has real value using it and we grow up.

Installing Clerk.io on our site has added features, increased our basket size by 8% and moreover paid for itself. I would certainly recommend Clerk.io to other web stores.
Chris West
Clerk.io has helped solidify my site as a market leader by increasing my average basket size by 45% and my average order value by 14%!
Chris Horridge
Great service, great product and results that I can measure. I would go as far as to say that e-Tailers who do not personalise are losing out.
Anders Riedel

Great system to improve on customer personalisation and recommendation for your online store. For our environment it was not a simple plug and play install. We had some difficulties here and there, but the whole Clerk.io support team is always helpful and with Stefan we had some great improvements done for our setup.
Johan Westerkamp
The support was absolutely next level. They have been back and forth with me constantly to make sure everything is set up correctly and in a way that we can manage it ourselves to get the most profitability out of our investment, this is something that is really crucial to them - they absolutely know that if you follow their instructions and use the system properly, it will increase sales. I'm really blown away by their professionalism and desire to help.
Alborz Izadi
Great team and great product! We are using Clerk.io for our e-commerce recommendations for our custom build e-commerce website. Overall been very happy with the sales team and customer support team during the on-boarding process. Clerk.io offers a great product with fantastic customer support - will definitely recommend them to other e-commerce sites looking for product recommendation engine.
Nick T

Super support and always open to help with new solutions :-) I Can only recommend Clerk.io
Andre Fleron
Really great support and helpful staff. We run a medium size webshop and Clerk.io is a big part of our sucess.
Mikael Svensson
Its always nice to talk with customer services. Very helpful and professional. Always go out of their way to help out the clients. Highly recommended.

Clerk.io is a powerful platform and the team is simply great, they follow step by step the integration process, they take care of every single aspect and ready to answer any kind of questions. Vote 10
Michele Gallina
My experience was great. We completed setting in few a week and I was ready to go, we great personal suggestions.
Works great and the support team are really really helpful. 5 stars!
Mathias Lande

We have been using Clerk.io for three years now and their software keeps growing. Faster, with more features and powering our website beautifully with search and recommendations. The team in support are super speedy and helpful with any configuration changes or new feature roll-outs. Thanks all and keep up this great work!!!
Clifton Vaughan
Fantastic tool - got nothing but positive things to say about the products, the service or the overall quality!
Jacob Zerlang Philipson
Clerk.io is quite a great tool, and there is a lot there, Dom and Nana in technical help have been amazing and I can not recomend them enough brilliant.
Mr Tuckwood

There are the companies that you have to work with, and then there are those who you love to work with. Clerk.io definitely belongs to the latter.
Bülent Erdogan
I recommend Clerk.io to anyone, who wants to increase sales on their e-Commerce site. They went out of their way and improved our e-Commerce business more than we could have expected.
Alessandro Mellis
I'll definitely give my warmest recommendations for Clerk.io - it's a great collaboration and the numbers speak for them self. They're awesome!
Camilla Tuborgh

Cannot rate these guys highly enough! A lot of companies could learn a lot from Clerk.io!
Steve Allday
Thanks Clerk! You have made my life so much easier!
$ Elena Ebersohn
Clerk is splendid addition to our webshop. It boosts up revenue and the support is great!
Martijn verschuren

I've used Clerk.io on 2 different projects 3-4 years apart. I tried all of the alternatives out there before using them on my latest project and I must say that Clerk.io's algorithm made them the perfect choice for me again.
Scott Murray
SPORTMASTER use Clerk.io personalisation in virtually every online interaction we have with our customers and the results speak for themselves, really: More products sold and more happy customers.
Nicki Due-Rasmussen
The product is great and the service from the team is even better. Write to them 00:10 on the chat on Black Friday and there will be help on the way. Focus is on creating real value for the customer - highly recommended.
Jacob Linde

We are customers for less than a year but already we can no longer do without their service and their personal assistance. The first results of the use of Clerk.io: Avg. Order Value +31% and Conversion Rate +33%
Marco Fusco
With just a few clicks we can now answer complicated business queries and find segments that are readily available for the whole marketing department.
Pierguido Maestro
In addition to increasing sales in the webshop, Clerk.io also makes daily work much easier, as much of the work that took long before can now be automated - especially the automatic email recommendations makes a big difference for me.
Kåre Madsen

We have been using Clerk.io for the last couple of months and it has been a great success! The setup was easy with great guidance and the search engine have given great user feedback and better earnings.
Frederik Christiansen
Nothing but praise. We have been using Clerk.io for about a year now and there is ony praise to be given. Strong performance, excellent customer service and easy integration were key for our decision to switch to Clerk.io and we were not disappointed.
Oliver Rau
So powerful and so easy to work with as a developer. Clerk.io is a must have for any webshop. Recommended products based on visitor actions and a good search engine is the backbone of a good webshop and Clerk.io nails it!
Jeppe Skovsgaard Christensen
I love Clerk.io! <3 As a smaller, but growing, e-commerce shop in Denmark, Clerk.io has been one of our most important partners as they today really affect half of all our orders, which is pretty amazing. Their product recommendations raise our average basket size by now 22%!
Daniel Johannesen Owner, Watery.dk
Best overall e-commerce tool. Clerk.io is hard to describe in just a few words, because it enables so many new ways of thinking e-commerce. Its not just an intelligent recommendation tool, its also a customer segmentation- , an automation-, a retention - and so many other things-tool.
The people behind it are a nerdy, forward thinking, yet humble and down to earth, no BS- kind of crowd.
With Clerk.io we have implemented a very effective recommendation tool on our e-commerce website - using all different kinds of principles depending on when and where in the customer journey, the customer will encounter the widgets. We use it a segmentation tools as well and automatically synchronise with mailchimp which enable us to target different audiences with relevant products at the right time.
Mette A
When writing to the Clerk.io chat support you know for sure that you'll get a quick and good reply! We use many different software services, but Clerk.io is the one I always trust for the best service. Many times when having a question or a problem the support actually just fix it for you. Who doesn't want that? So no long guides or intstructions where you have to guess how to fix things - they just easily and quick fix it for you. My last challenge was with how my before and after prices are shown on the product sliders. To fix this I would have spent several hours, and maybe I wouldn't even have managed to change it. But Clerk just offered on their own inititaive to fix it. And a few hours later I have the change implemented on all my stores. All within the monthly fee. So I would defintely recommend this tool to anyone who are using products sliders and AI on their website. Quick, Polite and Amazingly helpfull!
Easy, reliable and powerful! Clerk.io have solved our searches, and made them quicker and opened up a lot of options for maximizing our search potential. I like the customizability of the search, and of the search contents.
Rasmus Dehn

It's been a great boost to our webshop. Easy to use and install, last but not least: excellent support, very fast, very kind, very helpful, there's nothing that was not solved by them. Very highly recommended to everyone.
Developers loves Clerk.io! It is one of the most useful tool to integrate search in my Customers' stores. It's a really nice experience to work with it, from the development to the next improvements. Intuitive GUI and the support team always have the solution to any needs.
Clerk.io provides this very unique combination of great products and great service - for a very reasonable price. Enabling non-techies to (intuitively) implement real-time personalizations in website, search and e-mail, I consider Clerk.io among the best SaaS-products I have ever used!
Daniel J. Friis

Excellent, easy to use platform, and amazing support. Easy to implement and customise. Improvements could be made to the search engine. I would definitely recommend. Thanks for your great support!
Excellent product which has really helped our sites performance and our customers experience. Whats more, the support is second to none. Well done all, and keep it up.
Great guidens to how we could perform even better with a live session with our own numbers. Great personal service with passion for e-commerce!
Daniel van Acker

Clerk.io is superb! I've always found Clerk.io to push the boundaries while being really helpful with their support.
Really good software company. Great tool to boost your sales. Great support division.
I had the choice: Grow with an innovative Search Engine or increace the Bounce Rate. Then I found Clerk.io: Our Conversation Rate increases, the Usability as well and the Bounce Rate decreases! Clerk.io developes their portfolio very quick: We use the Search, Recommendation and in future Audience and Marketing. I think you can grow with Clerk.io and their Technologies!

Clerk.io is a fantastic tool that really enhances the customer experience and drives sales. Support has always been excellent, and they're also proactive at suggesting improvements - thanks Domenico :)
Our developer who installed it has recommended it to several of his own customers... that's how good it is!
Kevin Ross
Great experience so far. I have used Clerk.io for different e-commerce and I could see a massive impact on the revenue. One more thing: customer support is super for real. I asked support to manage custom integration and they have been super!
Rosario Toscano
I have always been very exited about Clerk.io since the first contact back in 2014. It increased order size from first day and flexibility of the tool are brilliant.
Yesterday I was contacted by Dion because he saw some small improvements in the way I use their software and thank you very much for that world class service!
Mikael Hansen

Excellent service. The search function helps our customers to find exactly the products they're looking for. We noticed a higher conversion rate.
Product recommendations in a straightforward way, and a good search field make it easy for the customer to find the right product. Extremely good customer support and easy for me as an end-user to make changes myself.
Kristian M
I must say, clerk.io is one of the best customer intelligence tools by far. It is highly recommended! Clerk.io is helping us with the search on the website. Which we believe is very important for any eCommerce business. Clerk.io is helping our customers with the recommendation feature, with many other great features too.
Muhammad N

A great tool to integrate into your ecommerce website. Exceptional customer service! The analytics regarding search, recommendations and audience breakdown. Integration on any ecommerce platform, including your own custom website build. Their range of offerings are incredible for A-B testing certain settings on your website to increase conversion rate and profit turnover. Analytics are real time and available for years past which is important for internal trend and sales analysis. The customer service is next to none amazing! Take your time to understand and implement all the offerings with Clerk.io. Log in almost daily to make small changes to improve turnover. Their customer service is amazing, offering training whenever you need to. It is important to understand all the possibilities that Clerk.io can offer your ecommerce business.
Extremely intuitive and efficient system to increase the customer experience and increase sales. Scalable platform and increased website growth. Personal and upselling product recommendations. We are bringing more relevant product recommendations to our customers on multiple channels.
Nicolaj C
Clerk. is an awesome tool! It's super easy to use and the dashboard gives a clear overview. We can always download the statistics we need an work with our data further if needed. And thumbs up for Mikie Wrighton. It's nice with an account manager who really wants to work with us and make our platform better.
Kristian Juel

Knowing Clerk.io from the developer side, integrating it in customer projects, advance in more customized solutions based on Clerk.io, all I can say is: It's an awesome product! It focuses on cutting edge technology and integrates nicely with every environment we yet used.
Christian Pohl
We have been using Clerk.io for well over a year now, for a large number of sites. Not only do they help improve conversion rates by providing a more accessible experience for our users, they can also prove this effect through data analysis, in their very impressive admin console. I would recommend them any day =)
Joakim Andersson
Just do it. Once you've tried Clerk.io you can't go back! I've been using Clerk on my web shop since March '17, and during the last 3 months we've seen a significant effect of this amazing tool. I'll give Clerk.io my very best recommendations to everyone working with commerce.
Sara Schelde

Result-oriented and absolutely must have for any eCommerce site. Don't hesitate. Clerk will reform your business and i'm sure that the support team will be just as competent and sweet as they have been to us. One thing is that the backend is extremely easy to use, the support is second to none and ALWAYS there to help you make the most out of their software, but the results follow the rest of what this company stands for. I have tried a lot of related products to Clerk.io, but no one has come close to matching their results. One of the easiest and to me (after several splittest) result oriented search field. Products can be hardcoded to a certain word, which is extremely usefull for us as a company.
Gzim S
We have been using Clerk.io for some years now - and the satisfaction is very high. Easy to use in our daily work. Espacially our account manager Mikie Wrighton does a good work to help us succes with Clerk.io. Easy to use and quality service.
G2 User in Retail
The search bar on our website has been greatly improved after we started using Clerk. We use the audiences we can easily make through Clerk for almost all parts of our marketing - Facebook audiences, email marketing etc. Clerk.io is number 1
Jeppe B

I've been a customer of Clerk.io's for a long time now and have always been very happy with the product and company. I ran into a few problems while transitioning to a new website platform. The Clerk.io team swung into action leading to a stellar (re)onboarding process.

For us, Clerk.io carries out all of the heavy-lifting when it comes to search to recommendations and search, so it has been entirely possible to integrate and forget. The company itself does not stand still - far from it - new features are added regularly and always in a 'safe' manner. I do not recall ever having issues with the product as a result of an update or new functionality.

The benefits include better customer satisfaction (ease of navigation/search highlighted by our customers), improved metrics across all average order value, average basket size, and conversion rate.
Jon W
Clerk.io's search has changed our business! Since we implemented Clerk.io's search tool, we have seen a significant improvement in our conversion and bounce rates. We have a huge catalog of products, so their tool has been instrumental in leveraging the many different products we carry.
Customer support from Alex has been absolutely excellent - he made our integration seamless, is very responsive, and helpful every time I have needed assistance.
Mo, our Customer Sucess Manager, has been terrific as well - customer outreach, and holistic client support and guidance will help us take Clerk.io's tools to the next level for evern more revenue and retention gains.
Cannot recommend Clerk.io's product and customer support enough. Thank you very much!
Elizabeth R
Service and support beyond your wildest imagination!
After starting to use Clerk.io, we were curious if we could add extra product variables from the Lightspeed API which we were using in our current product template. Their product enablement picked this up very quickly and their developer team integrated every request within several days. Very impressive.
We're currently using the product recommendations and we are very satisfied with the results. Clerk.io produces a lot of extra order value. For the first time, we can see which recommendations a customer uses, which recommendations provide the best results and where the products inside an order are derived from.
The product recommendations, product alternatives and personal recommendations are working absolutely great. This saves us many hours of manual work.
We've not started to use their other features yet, but we will certainly try them within a short time.
In summary, we are very satisfied with Clerk.io!
G2 Agency in Retail

Average order value increased by 19% - That's Incredible!
Bruno Mutti
I am a new customer of Clerk, and so far... I'm impressed!
Gary Rolfe
It's automated, increases revenue and the support is fantastic. I am a fan!
Kasper Mølgaard-Nielsen

I often use the live chat when I need help, and the guys from Clerk.io are great. They take charge of your requests in a very short time, their answer are clear and exhaustive, and so far they have always managed to solve my issues. They're also helpful and friendly, so I don't hesitate to contact them whenever I have any question.
Fabiana Romagnoli
I started to use Clerk.io a few months ago and it instantly made a difference to sales, however, when I booked an Academy session, I was able to really see some of the deeper insights of what it was really capable of. My session was with Domenico La Tosa and he was extremely articulate on the functionality and was able to highlight some key areas that we need to address to help focus and boost sales. A tool that is well worth the investment and I also recommend spending the time with the Academy to boost your ability to use it.
Clerk.io offer an exceptional level of customer support. They combine the personal touch with advanced and easy to use technology. Easily achievable ROI that automates any website from small to huge.
Chris Horridge

Love the product! As a Magento2 specialist, I work with merchants that need this kind of product. It easy to setup, integrate it with Magento within minutes. And it gives recommendations from start, no need for crunching data for a month before giving reliable results.
Paw Nicolaisen
We started using Clerk.io a few months ago. With regard to Magento 2 and the old Magento 1, it is by far the fastest, most accurate search module on the market. Clerk.io have set the bar really high with this extension/module.
Martin Leeney
Fantastic customer service, Nana @ Clerk.io especially, has gone and continues to go way beyond the call of duty for us. Can't thank her enough. The software itself is fascinating, and believe we've only scratch the surface of all its possibilities.

A professional company with special software for all kind of ecommerce companies. We use it now for 1,5 year and are very satisfied about the effects!
An excellent set of tools to help e-commerce businesses convert more efficiently. However, the outstanding thing about Clerk.io is the support that you receive. I wish that all companies helped their customers so much. Clerk.io really does set the gold standard for customer service and support.
Tom Klimes
The Clerk.io team are all fantastic. We use their services on a number of our sites and are very pleased with the performance and ROI for our clients. It just works out of the box and is very flexible in terms of customisation. Their support and documentation is first class and we would gladly recommend them to anyone.

We use now clerk on cdm-bedrijfskleding.nl workwear webshop and its brilliant. The customers get to see the best recommendations for them. Love it!
Excellent product. All the problems we encountered was fixed really fast. Service is also one of the best I've had so far. Thank you to all Clerk.io staff!
Natuxe SAS
Clerk.io has improved our basket size, AOV and added to our bottom line in the short time we have been live with the system.
Robert B
We A/B-tested between our own manually selected products and Clerk.io's automated email recommendations. Clerk.io showed a 32% higher click-through rate! Nils Træholt, Director, Med24
Nils Træholt Director, Med24
Clerk.io is user friendly and extremely easy to use. Furthermore, customer service is great with fast and precise help if we are experiencing any challenges. We are also extremely happy about our account manager Mikie. She helps us with different kinds of issues and makes great suggestions that can develop our business.
Maria P
You get value from Clerk.io from day one. The recommendation engine is quite impressive picking up new products and trends immediately. Also, the staff and customer service is world class.
Karina A
Very easy and quick setup with many popular CMSs. Customer service is always quick and very nice, proposing valid and intelligent solutions to problems that may arise. Great software, wonderful customer service. If you need a simple, reliable and great tool for search and reccommendations do not hesitate. All our clients that use Clerk.io saw a visible increase in conversion rate to average order value.
Marco D

Professionalism, expertise and excellent service. It's not the first time that Domenico provided us with the best possible solutions that we are really satisfied. 5 STARS to him and the whole Clerk.io team. Highly recommended.
Radoslaw Perczynski
Great support, great app, a lot of cross-selling, insanely good statistics that shows where the customers clicked the product that they bought so you can track each recommendation. Easy to automate mails!
Christoffer Jonsson
Started working with Clerk.io about 3 months ago. The results are getting better and better. Also their customer support and succes management is very smooth.
Jeroen van der Eerden

After intial contact the implementation process with Clerk.io was straight forward. The support team were very good, easily contactable and able to resolve any issues quickly. The new features in our serach and recommendations have improved both the look and performance of our site. We look forawrd to utiliaisng the email and segmentation features once there is sufficient data to act on.
Robert Burton
I asked a whole bunch of complex questions and Nana answered them promptly and accurately. Very impressed with the solution and the support.
Dale Jefferson
Clerk.io, Great company, Great Tools and the best services. A moneymaker every store owner needs. And nice people.

Great support! The team is always ready to help - and the support and help you get is the best in class! And the product is just awesome! Keep up the good work.
Søren Jensen
Our Magento search has improved greatly, very helpfull staff, ask for Ryan Taylor and you will get good honest advice that is hard to find nowadays.
Bristol Angling
From the very first point of contact with Ollie, leading on to installation with absolutely fantastic support from Nana and finally loving the ever-learning and easy to use product, I've not had a single complaint along the way! 5 star support, 5 star product and especially 5 star staff!
Jay A Paleschi

Our on-site search was very outdated, we wanted to start with an AI-generated search tool. Clerck.io has a low threshold starting pack. For a small monthly fee, you can start (depending on you usage off-course) and get all the benefits off a specialized search engine. It works very good straight out off the box. The software is easy to use and has been very insightfull. dashboard. The AI is running at top speed (Skynet watch out!)
Frank K
Clerk.io has been great at identifying ways to improve conversions on the store. Recently I wanted to change the display of our product sliders - Clerk fixed this for me very quickly, and I was very impressed with the support received.

It's an excellent way to give customers a more personal experience on your website, and there are so many great features on the platform to help you track this and make the user experience even better. You can also find out a lot about your audience. The platform is user-friendly, and the whole team is fantastic - so helpful, quick, and friendly!
G2 User in Consumer Goods
Absolutelly awsome customer service and they will go the extra mile to make sure the customer is happy. Definatly recommend Clerk.io. Great service, we spoke with multiple people. From sales to tech to billing everybody was super friendly and replied super fast. Seems like people legitamaly love their jobs over there and the emplyees actually care, like genually.
G2 User in Sporting Goods

Prompt reply and useful technical support. That Domenico guy knew what he was talking about! He helped me expand my understanding about the platform and came up with good solutions. Highly recommend the product and the support team. :)
Marius Vaduva
We've only been using clerk.io for a short while, after inheriting the development maintenance of a Magento 2 site, but our experience so far has been worth 5 stars. Well worth it - support so far is fantastic.
Cheryl Childs
Clerk is by far the best search engine I've worked with so far both in regards to being fast and stable. Their customer support is always helpful and respond quickly to any questions one might have.
Nikki K Fetherstonhaugh

The support is rely good. Every time I have had a special request for our website they have helped us out wit great satisfaction. Every now and then they do a follow-up of how to increase sales and conversions, and that's a very good thing as well.
Anders Karlsson
Great solution that does exactly what we need it to do in terms of search and recommendations. However above all, it's the support that makes the team at Clerk stand out, they are always on hand and go the extra mile to help. Highly recommend!
Arend Thompson
The program works fine and easy, and if you have any questions the helpdesk really helps you well. I would recommend Clerk to anyone! The best part, it really improves your sales!
Levi Camijn

Clerk.io is top notch! I have worked with Clerk.io, as a user of their services, for three years. I have used their Recommendations, Search, Email and Audience and have no complaints. Clerk.io helps you generate that extra edge/conversion and the possibilities of customization are endless. Customer service, including help with setup, tweaks and personal workshops makes the extra difference. Top notch! Can recommend Clerk.io to all webshops looking to get their conversions up. And who isn't!
Kasper Broue
Excellent, customisable service with the perfect support team. Clerk.iois an excellent service with a wide range of features and the ability to customise requests. We had some issues with search indexing - and the support team responded lightning-fast, kept us updated and resolved all issues.
Timur Omer
Just started using Clerk.io on a brand new B2B webshop we launched yesterday. The start up/onboarding process has been unreal. And nothing like anything I have ever been part of before. Extremely helpful, pleasant, service-minded, skilled and just awesome. Higly recommendable.
Morten Lund Mørk

Clerk.io is easy to setup and has very good integration with our store platform. But most important for us is the amazing support they have. They solved our little issues fast and you can find them always through chat which is also a good point. Last thing we want to mention is that for their service we think that they are affordable for most companies. For sure we recommend Clerk.io to everyone.
Customer service you find nowhere else!

I've been a customer for multiple years now and I always had a good experience. Helpfull & honest in expectations.

They regularly walk trough the tools and see where our shop can improve. If you follow up on the points of improvement you get the best buck out of this system.
Martijn Verschuren
The best in the game! Before starting with Clerk.io we considered competitors aswell. They are the most reasonably priced option, they don't have those long term contracts you have to sign on to, and they have all the features, help and support that competitors claim that they don't. From what I saw from comparing option Clerk.io was the best option for us.
Stener Nørkov Torstensen

Amazing application and the best support - quick, easy & approachable. Thanks Josh for the understanding & clear guidance!
Florien Honnebier
As a developer working with one of Clerk.io's customer's it has been a great experience using both their documentation, platform and their customer service.
The best customer service support ever! I would definitely recommend Clerk.io!

Very helpful and speedy. Had gone past my trial and thought I had lost work for a client. But luckily no, had everything restored ASAP.
Mathew Shaw
We started using Clerk a few months ago. With regard to Magento 2 and the old Magento 1, it is by far the fastest, most accurate search module on the market.

Apart from its blisteringly fast search function, It offers so many extra twists such as recommended products in category views, product page also bought and cart upsells.

Clerk.io have set the bar really high with this extension/module.
Martin Leeney
reat product, but support is above normal! Clerk.io fits in the gap a lot of webshop software don't fill in. It gives us the ability to have better insights of the performance of our products and customers. And in the end gives a much higher order value which is why we are loving the software so much.
Martin V

Is an excellent tool to increase the sales of your website, the search option allows you to integrate a search engine similar to Google's on your website. Clerk is splendid addition to our webshop. Boosts up revenue and the support is great
Amilcar Jose
The results speak for themselves - an increase in conversions and expert advise from the Clerk.io team on best practises - even those that don't directly involve using their app! If we have any issues - I contact them and so far we've had every issue resolved within one conversation!
Jay P
We have used since 2 years, and we really grew up, as using Clerk.io makes the things really easy and visual. We can query, adding triggers, filters to our database without any code needed. The integration with Mailchimp and such make a real perfect solution and save a lot of time.
Christian G

If you need a solution to promote products in a smart way, Clerk.io is the way to go. You do not need to worry about monitoring orders, deciding what sells best, suggesting different products in search queries, exit intent popups. It is all really easy :)
Robert A
The mix of the use of the four products automatizes, simplifies and optimizes marketing activities. The conversion rate and average cart value have improved a lot.
Giuseppe C
Clerk.io is simply like no other! I use it and feel alive. I can't get enough.
Tim M

We have been working with Clerk.io for a few months on our e-commerce: communication has been great, excellent service, customer care super quick and have answered all our questions. Our e-commerce needed a higher conversion rate, through Clerk.io we are achieving our goals.
I suggest Clerk.io to anyone interested in implementing their website/ecommerce.
Everything is explained carefully even for beginners, if you have any problem or question you get an answer in a few minutes. Give it a chance, you will definitely be surprised on the growth you see on your website. In general Clerk.io offers a great service at a good price.
The service level, from the Clerk.io team is unparalleled with similiar companies in the industry. Fantastic service & fantastic product
Jacob P
Clerk.io is helping to increase conversion rate with product recommendations and search function. With clerk.io we are helping our webshop clients to perform better. It is easy to setup, support is brilliant and our clients like working with it. Based on the performance reports made by the system, we can continously make some simple changes and thereby improve and optimize the conversion rate of the webshop.
Even though you think you know your customer's preferences when they are visiting your webshop, you will be surprised to learn how much knowledge Clerk.io can derive from your webshop data. You will also learn how intelligent and individually targeted product recommendations like "Maybe you will also like this product" and "Selected products just for you" together with targeted search result can improve convertion rates quite significantly.
Working with targeted products can be time consuming and it is not easy to figure out by yourself which products your specific customers are searching for.
Clerk.io has the solution for this with the system's intelligent algorithm that presents individually targeted products and search results relevant to the specific customer.
Toke J

The tool takes (in our case) historical data from the system. So we could actually get started right away. The results that are being shown on our website are much better that before (we had some businessrules setup).
I also like the possibility to place clerk blocks in random places within the webshop. In this way we made pages convert that normally didn't convert at all.
Also the search module was much better that the old one, you can easily setup which attributes you want to include.
They also have a really active support team and succes manager, they usually respond within 5 minutes.
Joeren V
Clerk is an easy to install application for any web store - the API integration make any site run much faster since the logic is done at Clerk. But this is just a bonus compared to the great functionality that the system offers. The goal is to increase revenues and conversion rate for the e-store using the service - It's algoritms make it so easy for the administrator not needing to connect related, popular, cross sales products manually since the application does this automatically based on several settings you can set up in their backend.
Even when the catalogue of products is vast the integration and sync works perfectly - Clerk.io developers and support team are very present when needed and also very eager to solve / help when tasks are outside the standards.
We have implemented Clerk.io on several clients and all are very pleased with the results. Right now we are implementing 3 more clients that will be launched soon.
Clerk.io allows for so many features regarding products, best sellers, up sells, cross sells, exit intent and so on with minimal development time. So from a development / client perspective, the benefits are huge. Thing have been done by Clerk before and it is basically close to a plug and play solution. As long as you get the feed part sorted, the rest is fairly easy to bolt on. I would honestly recommend the product to others.

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