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Simple pricing that scales with your business

No long term contracts or cut of your revenue.
With Clerk.io you just pay for what you use - It doesn't have to be complicated!

Make sure your customers find what they are searching for with a sales- and behavior-based search engine.

$119 /mo
monthly searches
  • Search As You Type
  • Automatic Spell Correction
  • Full-Phrase Semantic Search
  • Faceted Search
  • Ranked by Shopping Patterns and Sales
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Help your customers find the right products and get more that buy and more products in each order.

$119 /mo

monthly slider views
  • Add-To-Basket Cross-sell
  • Other Customers Also Bought
  • Alternative Products
  • Recommendations Based on Click History
  • Other Customers are Looking At
  • Popular and Trending Products
  • Recommendations for Your Shopping Cart
  • Optimise 404 Pages
  • Blog/News Content Recommendations
  • Exit Intent Recommendations
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Automate your email marketing and increase customer relevancy with personal product offers in emails.

$119 /mo

monthly opened emails
  • Personalized Newsletters
  • Sell via Order Receipts
  • Reduce Purchasing Cycle via Follow-Up Emails
  • Personalized Abandoned Cart
  • Automate Periodical Newsletters


Get higher returns on your marketing campaigns and keep more loyal customers with segmentation.

$119 /mo

monthly customers exported
  • Google-like Search for Customer Interests
  • Locate and Re-Engage with Inactive Customers
  • Nurture VIP Customers
  • Re-Engage Customers before they Slip Away
  • Identify Customers with High Loyalty Rates
  • Apply Segments during Adwords Marketing
  • Apply Segments on Facebook
  • Export Segments to CSV
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Clerk.io Pays For Itself - Over and Over Again

The sole purpose of Clerk.io is that we make you more money than you pay us - on the bottom line!
Use that extra revenue to reinvest in your business growth or maybe as a treat for your self.
Everything is fully automated and with no need for maintenance when first installed.

After less than 3 months with Clerk.io on E-gear, we already turned our investment into profit! Excellent job guys!!!!!
Martin Egesø, CMO, e-Gear.dk

This is a real screen shot from a typical Clerk.io customer.

It's automated, increases revenue and the support is fantastic.
I am a fan!

Kasper Mølgaard-Nielsen, Partner, REZET
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Don't Worry - This Will Be Amazing

Our fantastic support team is always ready to help you if you should need it.
We only want to deliver the best service and do try to go that extra mile for you.
We are extremely proud that we almost only receive 5-star reviews from our customers!

I am a new customer of Clerk, and so far... I'm impressed!

My initial contact with Clerk was through Sam in their sales team. Very professional and has a clear understanding of the product he is selling and how it can benefit an eCommerce site. I could not find a question that he could not answer (I tried).

The technical guys at Clerk that I have worked with are Jacob and Stefan. What I like about both of these guys is that nothing is too much trouble. They genuinely seem like they want to help. If I think of anything I need, I say 'hi' on the live chat and I get instant assistance. Literally, 'no problem Gary, I'll do that now for you' attitude. They're great.

Clerk also provide ongoing tutorials and webinars. I participated in one recently by Laurids, which was excellent. The question I asked during the webinar was also responded to efficiently.

Clerk deserve 5 stars!
- Gary Rolfe, reptilecentre.com

Totally outstanding service and product!

Price and Product = 5 stars
You can use an inconceivable amount of money on AdWords, ads, remarketing etc. but forget how much money there is in the navigation and proper product exposure on your shop. Clerk.io really enhances your customers' experience and allows you to optimise your sales.

Service = 5 Stars
I'll try to keep it short: OUTSTANDING! - Could say much more!

Follow-up = 5 Stars
You just know that with Clerk.io, you can always get good ideas, tips or just a helping hand to improve your business.

I would definitely recommend all shop owners to take a dialogue with Clerk.io if you want to get more out of your shop.

After less than 3 months with Clerk.io on E-gear, we already turned our investment into profit! Excellent job guys!!!!!
- Martin Egesø, CMO, e-Gear.dk
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?
After you sign up you will have 7 days of free unlimited access to all Clerk.io features and products to find out how Clerk.io can help you and get familiar with how things work. Start your free trial today here. No credit card required.
What happens after the free trial ends?
When your trial has expired, you can choose what products and plans you want and pay by credit card. Your trial account will become your permanent account, and all of your Clerk.io, data, products and orders remain intact. If you do not wish to start paying at the end of your trial, your account will expire automatically.
No credit card is needed to start a free trial!
Do I need to pay for a year up front?
No. Clerk.io is paid monthly or anually - it's up to you. We've found that customers, who commit to a full year will be more successful using Clerk.io, but you are free to choose your prefered payment option.
How does the 20x ROI guarantee work?
It's pretty simple: We know how well Clerk.io works, so if you follow our best practice and don't get your money back at least 20 times, we will refund you so you still reach a 20x ROI. E.g. if you pay €10,000 for a year of Clerk.io and use our best practices, but only get €180,000 in sales through Clerk.io, we'll refund you €1,000 since (€10,000 - €1,000) * 20 = €180,000. Your details are specified when you subscribe.
But our customers get a ROI way above 20, so that should not happen :-)
How can I know if Clerk.io is performing?
From day one, you will have access to our dashboard, which drills down not only how much is sold through Clerk.io, but also how we affect your key KPIs, such as basket size, avg. order value and conversion rate.
Want to see it in action? Use 30 seconds to book a demo.
Can I run multiple stores?
Yes. In fact, many of our clients do that. Your plan is based on the combined usage on all of your sites. We don't charge you for having additional sites. Actually, it's beneficial, since you get a lower unit cost price.
Can i use my own design?
Yes. Results from Clerk.io can be styled just the way you like and integrated in any way you like. When rendered they are just as much a part of your site as any other element.
Can i get a development environment?
Yes. In fact, many of our clients do that. You can simply use a store as a development environment. That way you can test anything before releasing it to your live store.
Can i set up Clerk.io myself?
Yes, anybody can set Clerk.io up on Plug & Play level platforms (currently Magento and Shopify). And we mean it - every employee in Clerk.io from development to sales (even our CEO) have all set Clerk.io up in about 20-30 minutes.
If you have another platform then you can do it but it if you are a bit technical or else see our Partners section for fixed-price setups. Then you can go focus on your business.
What type of support do i get?
All plans come with full support! You can contact us by chat, email, phone and even social media to get help. We'll pick up the phone when you call and answer email or chat right away within support hours which is Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00 CET.
What if I go over my plan limits?
If you exceed your current usage limit, you will receive a polite email from us asking you to upgrade. That's it. Your shop will continue to function as usual, you will still be able to access your account and all your data will still be available to you.
Where can I review the terms of service?
You can read the complete Terms of Service here.
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