Customer segmentation in minutes

Target the right customers with a click of a button. Presenting the right products to the right audience in all your marketing channels will increase advertising performance, return on investment and profits.

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Audience enables us to better target customers and growing our best customer groups. Information that before could take weeks to compile can now be accessed in seconds! Nicki Due-Rasmussen, E-Commerce Manager, Sportmaster
Nicki Due-Rasmussen
E-Commerce Manager, Sportmaster


Segment with keywords's Audience is intuitive. Use keywords to segment your audiences, making the process simple and fast.

Segmentation in minutes

Information that could previously take hours to compile is now accessible and ready to use in seconds. With's Audience feature you determine the targeted marketing parameters and the rest is done for you.


Target your customers in all your digital channels: Google Ads, Social Media and Email. Perfect for retargeting and for finding new customers with lookalike audience campaigns.
Segmention audiences
Retarget customers


Act on the value of your customers

The Audience tool gives you complete oversight over your customer make-up by segmenting customers into one-time buyers, loyal customers, frequent buyers and VIPs - and shows how much value they provide.

Retarget your existing customers

Extend the value of your existing customer list with cross- and up-selling campaigns tailored to specific customer segments without hours of segmentation.

Target new customers's Audience reduces the cost of acquisition by utilising the information you already know about your existing customers with tools like lookalike campaigns.

Customer Analytics and Insights

Drive your business decision on real-time data.

Revenue Driven

Know which type of customers are more profitable and what sets them apart, so you can invest your time and money on the most profitable segments.

Monitor your growth

Keep your customer list healthy with a quick overview of new, active, slipping away, and lost customers; so you can prevent losses with activation campaigns in just a couple of clicks.
Decisions in real time

Target Your Customers Anywhere

There is no reason to have a great product if it is not easy to use! With audience you can export your audience to a CSV in a single slick and then use it across multiple platforms.

With just a few clicks we can now answer complicated business queries and find segments that are readily available for the whole marketing department. Pierguido Maestro, CEO, Ecomarket
Pierguido Maestro
CEO, Ecomarket

Get your segmentation done in a matter of clicks

You're only a few clicks away from growing your sales through automation.

  • Keyword-based segmentation
  • Target only relevant customers
  • Sync to Google Ads, Social media and Email

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