Unisport have used Clerk.io for personalisation and customer insights since 2011.

When first installing Clerk.io we A/B-split-tested it against our existing provider. Clerk.io beat them by a whopping 143% in additional sales.

Needless to say, Clerk.io has been an integrated part of Unisport's global expansion ever since.
Filip Domagala
CEO, unisportstore.com

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Switching to Clerk.io immediately raised our conversions from onsite search. Great service and Clerk.io has become an integrated part of our business. Jesper Hvejsel, Founder and Group CEO, Firtal Group
We A/B-tested between our own manually selected products and Clerk.io's automated email recommendations. Clerk.io showed a 32% higher click-through rate! Nils Træholt, Director, Med24

Installing Clerk.io on our site has added features, increased our basket size by 8% and moreover paid for itself. I would certainly recommend Clerk.io to other web stores. Chris West, IT Manager, Cotswoldcollections.com
Clerk.io is the most suitable service for my company's activities. Its purpose is well focused on improving e-Commerce for both consumers and companies. Samuele Camatari, CEO, Jusan.it

Great service, great product and results that I can measure. I would go as far as to say that e-Tailers who do not personalise are losing out. Anders Riedel, Partner, PostMe.com
It's great to work with Clerk.io. Their support is fast and helpful and they always have a positive attitude. Nikolaj B. Knudsen, Owner, Northply

Clerk.io was easy to set up and the financial performance has been outstanding. I would recommend every e-Tailer to give it a try! Michael Thingmand, e-Tailer, Lomax
There are the companies that you have to work with, and then there are those who you love to work with. Clerk.io definitely belongs to the latter. Bülent Erdogan, Founder, Workoutshop

Clerk.io has helped solidify my site as a market leader by increasing my average basket size by 45% and my average order value by 14% Chris Horridge, Director, Downlightsdirect.co.uk
I recommend Clerk.io to anyone, who wants to increase sales on their e-Commerce site. They went out of their way and improved our e-Commerce business more than we could have expected. Alessandro Mellis, e-Commerce Manager, FarmaciadiFiducia

It's automated, increases revenue and the support is fantastic. I am a fan! Kasper Mølgaard-Nielsen, Partner, REZET
Our webshop customers have a better visual presentation of search results thanks to the functionalities of Clerk.io. Dirk Jan Pheifer, Owner, Everlake.eu

The team at Clerk.io have been faultless and they have helped us increase our online sales. Our basket size is up 39% and our average order value is up 13% Alistair Hardy, Digital Marketing Manager, Macgregorandmacduff.co.uk
Installing Clerk.io's search function on our webshop has increased our average basket size with 36% and our conversion rate with 296% Nick Dam Jørgensen, Head of e-Commerce Sales, Autofix
SPORTMASTER use Clerk.io personalisation in virtually every online interaction we have with our customers and the results speak for themselves, really: More products sold and more happy customers.

The guys at Clerk.io deliver on ROI, sparring and support.

We can only give them our warmest recommendations!

Segmentation for audience targeting
We compared manually compiled customer preferences with a list generated automatically through Clerk.io segmentation. The data sets were almost identical, but where the manual compilation took almost 2 weeks Clerk.io's result was obtained in seconds.

Clerk.io also found customers that we wouldn't have otherwise known about. The tool enables us to better target customers with relevant recommendations and save time in the process.
Nicki Due-Rasmussen
E-Commerce Manager, SPORTMASTER

4.9 stars

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I am a new customer of Clerk, and so far... I'm impressed!

My initial contact with Clerk was through Sam in their sales team. Very professional and has a clear understanding of the product he is selling and how it can benefit an eCommerce site. I could not find a question that he could not answer (I tried).

The technical guys at Clerk that I have worked with are Jacob and Stefan. What I like about both of these guys is that nothing is too much trouble. They genuinely seem like they want to help. If I think of anything I need, I say 'hi' on the live chat and I get instant assistance. Literally, 'no problem Gary, I'll do that now for you' attitude. They're great.

Clerk also provide ongoing tutorials and webinars. I participated in one recently by Laurids, which was excellent. The question I asked during the webinar was also responded to efficiently.

Clerk deserve 5 stars!
, Gary Rolfe, reptilecentre.com

Average Basket Size Increased by 243% - That's Incredible!

I've been a client of Clerk since last year, and I think it's a very useful plug-in. I have an e-Commerce site, targetsas.it, which was developed with Magento and everything works well.

The Clerk sliders are performing very well, and I've increased sales performance in several areas;

Average Basket Size: 243% Increase (that's Incredible)

Average Order Value: 19% Increase (Wow)

Conversion Rate: 25% Increase (Amazing)

Average Browsing Time: 11% Increase

Thanks to Stefan and all the Staff, I'm appreciating the collaboration when fixing the little problems!
, Bruno Mutti, targetsas.it