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Switching to Clerk.io immediately raised our conversions from onsite search. Great service and Clerk.io has become an integrated part of our business. Jesper Hvejsel, Group CEO, Firtal Group
Jesper Hvejsel
Group CEO, Firtal Group
We A/B-tested between our own manually selected products and Clerk.io's automated email recommendations. Clerk.io showed a 32% higher click-through rate! Nils Træholt, Director, Med24
Nils Træholt
Director, Med24

During a 3-month A/B-splittest, Clerk.io beat our previous vendor by 143% in additional revenue from product recommendations! Filip Domagala, CEO, Unisport
Filip Domagala
CEO, Unisport
Clerk.io are specialists in their field. You always feel at assured that you are working with competent people and state of the art software. Kasper Broue Meinertz, E-Commerce Operations Manager, Mads Nørgaard
Kasper Broue Meinertz
E-commerce Manager, Mads Nørgaard A/S

We've used Clerk.io since the beginning of 2015 and there is no question about it, Clerk.io is one of our secret weapons. Their support, service and know-how continue to amaze us!
Nick Dam Jørgensen
E-Commerce Manager, Autofix.nu
The team at Clerk.io have been faultless and they have helped us increase our online sales. Our total order value is up 13%!
Alistair Hardy
Digital Marketing Manager
Clerk.io was easy to set up and the financial performance has been outstanding. I would recommend every e-Tailer to give it a try!
Michael Thingmand
Marketing Manager, Lomax

Installing Clerk.io on our site has added features, increased our basket size by 8% and moreover paid for itself. I would certainly recommend Clerk.io to other web stores.
Chris West
IT Manager, Cotswoldcollections.com
Clerk.io has helped solidify my site as a market leader by increasing my average basket size by 45% and my average order value by 14%!
Chris Horridge
Director, Downlightsdirect.co.uk
Great service, great product and results that I can measure. I would go as far as to say that e-Tailers who do not personalise are losing out.
Anders Riedel
Partner, PostMe.com

There are the companies that you have to work with, and then there are those who you love to work with. Clerk.io definitely belongs to the latter.
Bülent Erdogan
Founder, Workoutshop
I recommend Clerk.io to anyone, who wants to increase sales on their e-Commerce site. They went out of their way and improved our e-Commerce business more than we could have expected.
Alessandro Mellis
e-Commerce Manager, FarmaciadiFiducia
I'll definitely give my warmest recommendations for Clerk.io - it's a great collaboration and the numbers speak for them self. They're awesome!
Camilla Tuborgh
Founder and Creative Director, Cahetu

Cannot rate these guys highly enough! A lot of companies could learn a lot from Clerk.io!
Steve Allday
Thanks Clerk! You have made my life so much easier!
Elena Ebersohn
The Pet Shop LLC
Clerk is splendid addition to our webshop. It boosts up revenue and the support is great!
Martijn verschuren

I've used Clerk.io on 2 different projects 3-4 years apart. I tried all of the alternatives out there before using them on my latest project and I must say that Clerk.io's algorithm made them the perfect choice for me again.
Scott Murray
SPORTMASTER use Clerk.io personalisation in virtually every online interaction we have with our customers and the results speak for themselves, really: More products sold and more happy customers.
Nicki Due-Rasmussen
E-Commerce Manager, SPORTMASTER
The product is great and the service from the team is even better. Write to them 00:10 on the chat on Black Friday and there will be help on the way. Focus is on creating real value for the customer - highly recommended.
Jacob Linde
Sonne-Schmidt Trading

We are customers for less than a year but already we can no longer do without their service and their personal assistance. The first results of the use of Clerk.io: Avg. Order Value +31% and Conversion Rate +33%
Marco Fusco
IT Developer, Jocando.it
With just a few clicks we can now answer complicated business queries and find segments that are readily available for the whole marketing department.
Pierguido Maestro
CEO, Ecomarket
In addition to increasing sales in the webshop, Clerk.io also makes daily work much easier, as much of the work that took long before can now be automated - especially the automatic email recommendations makes a big difference for me.
Kåre Madsen
Co-owner Bodyman.dk/se

We have been using Clerk.io for the last couple of months and it has been a great success! The setup was easy with great guidance and the search engine have given great user feedback and better earnings.
Frederik Christiansen
CarCare Freaks
Nothing but praise. We have been using Clerk.io for about a year now and there is ony praise to be given. Strong performance, excellent customer service and easy integration were key for our decision to switch to Clerk.io and we were not disappointed.
Oliver Rau
Kivanta Trinkflaschen Shop
So powerful and so easy to work with as a developer. Clerk.io is a must have for any webshop. Recommended products based on visitor actions and a good search engine is the backbone of a good webshop and Clerk.io nails it!
Jeppe Skovsgaard Christensen

It's been a great boost to our webshop. Easy to use and install, last but not least: excellent support, very fast, very kind, very helpful, there's nothing that was not solved by them. Very highly recommended to everyone.
Noble House
Developers loves Clerk.io! It is one of the most useful tool to integrate search in my Customers' stores. It's a really nice experience to work with it, from the development to the next improvements. Intuitive GUI and the support team always have the solution to any needs.
Clerk.io provides this very unique combination of great products and great service - for a very reasonable price. Enabling non-techies to (intuitively) implement real-time personalizations in website, search and e-mail, I consider Clerk.io among the best SaaS-products I have ever used!
Daniel J. Friis
Group By

Clerk.io is a fantastic tool that really enhances the customer experience and drives sales. Support has always been excellent, and they're also proactive at suggesting improvements - thanks Domenico :)
Our developer who installed it has recommended it to several of his own customers... that's how good it is!

Kevin Ross
Solo Trading Limited
Great experience so far. I have used Clerk.io for different e-commerce and I could see a massive impact on the revenue. One more thing: customer support is super for real. I asked support to manage custom integration and they have been super!
Rosario Toscano
I have always been very exited about Clerk.io since the first contact back in 2014. It increased order size from first day and flexibility of the tool are brilliant.
Yesterday I was contacted by Dion because he saw some small improvements in the way I use their software and thank you very much for that world class service!

Mikael Hansen

Knowing Clerk.io from the developer side, integrating it in customer projects, advance in more customized solutions based on Clerk.io, all I can say is: It's an awesome product! It focuses on cutting edge technology and integrates nicely with every environment we yet used.
Christian Pohl
We have been using Clerk.io for well over a year now, for a large number of sites. Not only do they help improve conversion rates by providing a more accessible experience for our users, they can also prove this effect through data analysis, in their very impressive admin console. I would recommend them any day =)
Joakim Andersson
Skistart AB
Just do it. Once you've tried Clerk.io you can't go back! I've been using Clerk on my web shop since March '17, and during the last 3 months we've seen a significant effect of this amazing tool. I'll give Clerk.io my very best recommendations to everyone working with commerce.
Sara Schelde
T&H Invest

Average order value increased by 19% - That's Incredible!
Bruno Mutti
I am a new customer of Clerk, and so far... I'm impressed!
Gary Rolfe
It's automated, increases revenue and the support is fantastic. I am a fan!
Kasper Mølgaard-Nielsen
Partner, REZET

I love Clerk.io! <3 As a smaller, but growing, e-commerce shop in Denmark, Clerk.io has been one of our most important partners as they today really affect half of all our orders, which is pretty amazing. Their product recommendations raise our average basket size by now 22%!
Daniel Johannesen
Owner, Watery.dk
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Our results are amazing. The numbers speak for them self with a 37% growth in the number of products sold through recommendations.
Pierguido Maestro
CEO, Ecomarket
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Family Business
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Family Business
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