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Automated email recommendations that remain relevant. Increase click through rates and reduce effort by displaying dynamic, tailored content that is always in stock.

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We A/B-tested between our own manually selected products and's automated email recommendations. showed a 32% higher click-through rate! Nils Træholt, Director, Med24
Nils Træholt
Director, Med24

Works with your email platform's email feature integrates with most popular platforms and designs, so you don't need to change anything to make marketing campaigns stress free and less time consuming.

Spend less time on content creation

Coming up with content is expensive and time consuming. Personalised recommendations are the easiest way to give your customers value in a relevant and automated way.

Up-to-date content

As's email recommendations are not fixed until the user opens the email, the products displayed will always be available and ready to buy.

Relevant content

Make all your email communication unique and personal with recommendations that speak directly to your customers.

Reusable content

You can add the same recommendations block in your newsletter, your triggered and transactional emails, and even create automated email flows to make your life easier and attract more conversions.
Email personalised recommendations
Easy to use

Just a few clicks

Simply give the email campaign a name, set some criteria - for example, whether the content is based on click history, purchase history, etc., choose how many products will be displayed, select your email provider, and then click export.

Add it everywhere's Email recommendations are incredibly easy to add. Step one: copy; Step two: paste.

Emails on autopilot

Each time you send out an email with, for example, your newest products, you can use the same code as it displays dynamic, up-to-date content every time. Saving you time in content creation.

Real-time Analytics & Insights

Use detailed email personalization analytics to make your email marketing even better. Makes You Smarter

Get an overview of your email campaigns with a glance.

Know the true value

Personalized email recommendations deliver both traffic and direct sales. We split up your reposting in direct recommendation sales (products that were clicked on in your newsletter and bought) and the derived value (other products bought by the customer clicking on the personalized recommendations). This way you can know the exact source of your added sales.

Track every campaign

Get a detailed look in to the performance and sales of every campaign. See total revenue but also average conversion rates and order values based on the individual campaign or trigger mail.
Improve email campaign performance
In addition to increasing sales in the webshop, also makes daily work much easier, as much of the work that took long before can now be automated - especially the automatic email recommendations makes a big difference for me. Kåre Madsen, Co-owner
Kåre Madsen

Effortlessly automate your email content

You're only a few clicks away from growing your sales through automation.

  • Effortless content creation
  • Always up-to-date recommendations
  • Integrates with your email provider

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