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Easy Setup. No Credit Card Required's automated email recommendations showed a 32% higher click-through rate. Nils Træholt, Director, Med24 Nils Træholt Director, Med24


1:1 Email Personalization on Autopilot

Work smarter, not harder with relevance at scale

1:1 Recommendations Just For You

Show 1:1 product recommendations with 15+ pre-built smart logics that dynamically updates in real time based on each individual recipient and product availability.

Send High-Converting Trigger Emails

Automatically send emails based on behavior & transactions from 5 pre-built triggers:

  • Abandon Basket
  • Abandoned Search
  • Abandoned Session
  • Order Follow-up
  • Interested in New Products

Fully Automated Email Sending

Email Automation AI campaigns remove time-consuming email flows with the world's first fully predictive email marketing tool using thousands of data points to predict what, when, and who to send to.

Real-Time Email Analytics & Insights

Actionable feedback to better understand what drives conversions

Prebuilt Recommendation Logics
15 prebuilt smart logics include hot products, order based, visitor click history, best cross-sell products, and many more.
Align business goals with prioritization and promotion of certain vendors, brands, campaigns, or categories with custom rules.
Filters & Rules
Customize with your own rules and filter by price, age, and as many available attributes combinations you desire.
Real-Time Indexing
Changes to your products and orders are synced and updated in real time ensuring recommendations are always up to date.
Customizable Templates
Provide a full on-brand experience with our design editor. Templates support drag and drop WYSIWYG, HTML, and CSS.
Seasonal Awareness
Automatically Identifies seasonal items to ensure suggestions automatically always stay relevant.
Trends instantly pick up on current trends and adapts recommendations in real time without delay.
Instant Preview
Test and preview new changes and features on a live demo store with your own feed of products.
Content Recommendations
Present consumers with relevant content such as blog posts, CMS pages, and landing pages in your recommendations.
Centralized Developer Logs
Fully detailed developer logs on events from your connected sources and data syncs for instant debug across channels.
Health Checks
Instant visual overview of how your store is connected and quality of the data being fed to
Preview recommendation results on your live store for instant quality assurance without pushing changes publicly.
Complete revenue attribution and impact statistics across recommendation placements and logics.
Manual Accessories
Tell our AI that certain items should be sold together with either one- or two-way product accessory recommendations

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In addition to increasing sales in the webshop, also makes daily work much easier, as much of the work that took long before can now be automated - especially the automatic email recommendations makes a big difference for me.
Kåre Madsen

Their dynamic email recommendations have really improved the click through rate on our newsletters.
Marius M

The email recommendations are adapted to the customer dynamically and even if one of the products is no longer in stock when the newsletter is opened another is suggested.
Amilcar Jose
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