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Clerk.io is an all-in-one e-commerce personalization platform. We empower thousands of customers around the world to deliver personal shopping experiences and grow their business.

We are extremely proud to publicly be rated the world's best personalization provider by e-commerce professionals across all major review platforms.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Clerk.io is founder-owned, profitable, and in this for the long-haul.
We believe that a truly great AI should be able to get the job done by itself and not take up your valuable time with constant tweaking or meetings with developers and consultants.

That's why we build Clerk.io to help your customers discover your products while allowing you to create great shopping experiences and focus on creating new growth for your business.

We come to work every day to make life better for you, your customers and our colleagues.
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We Originate from E-Commerce Ourself

Our founding story.

Clerk.io is deeply influenced by my time at Unisport in it's early growth days where we took the company from a small 4-person team into the innovative e-commece giant it is today.

One of the recurrent problems was making our products easy to find for our customers. No matter what software we bought (or build our self) we kept ending up spending hours of tweaking and doing adjustments every month.

There is no growth killer like time-consuming manual work!!

So combining my e-commerce experience with my background in computer science I created Clerk.io to be the opposite of all that; a tool that makes products easy to find for the customer while requiring no maintenance for the store owner.

That's good for both the top- and bottom-line.
Hans-Kristian Bjerregaard CEO & Founder of Clerk.io

We Believe Companies Should Do More

We believe that companies have a bigger purpose than just serving customers, engaging employees and enriching shareholders. We believe that companies should actively improve their communities and the world.

Thats why we support charities that improves our community, helps people less fortune than us and protects our planet.

These charities are chosen jointly by all employees of Clerk.io.
Over the years we have supported organizations that have made an impact in our local community by helping kids with no where else to go.

We have also supported the fight against cancer affecting so many including our colleagues and families.

Lastly we also believe we should take great care for our planet and protecting our oceans and forests.

Where to find us

Clerk.io HQ

Kigkurren 8
Opgang G, 2 sal.
2300 Copenhagen


Tel: (+45) 70 555 100

Support: support@clerk.io
Billing: billing@clerk.io
Other: hello@clerk.io

Open hours: Mon-Fri 09:00 - 17:00 CET

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