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Life is short, so work somewhere nice!

We're looking for smart, enthusiastic, and skilled people to help us make online shopping easy.

Why Work at Clerk.io?

Result-driven culture

Make Every Experience Unique

Clerk.io learns from your customers as they navigate your store and continuously optimize and personalize the results based on their interests and actions.

Almost Human

The technology behind Clerk.io is the first to go beyond Machine Learning and use full scaled AI. This makes Clerk.io think more like a Human and less like a machine.
Work-Life Balance

Perfect on All Devices

All recommendations from Clerk.io are build from the beginning to be responsive and mobile first.
Lots Of Laughter

Works With Your Design

You can style all recommendations from Clerk.io just the you like. We integrate natively in to any website design so you cant spot the difference.
Fun & Fiesta

Instantly Capture Changes

Any change to to your products and orders are synced and updated in real time. That way your recommendations are always up to date and most relevant.
Lunch & Snacks

Ultra Fast Response

With a average internal computation time of just 9ms your recommendations will always be there immediately. We will most likely be the fastest part of your website.