Learn What Your Customers Want

Actionable insights and powerful dashboards to measure impact and optimize sales

We Measure Everything

Learn from your customers behavior to drive even more sales

Learn From You Customers Searches

With detailed search analytics you can learn anything from what parts of you inventory you should stock up on to where you should improve you SEO.
Recommendation Analytics

Learn How To Make Customers Buy More

See exactly which recommendations are driving conversions and which are driving conversions instead. Use this to optimize your sales funnel even more.

See What Campaign Products Actually Perform

Trace your email personalization efforts down to the individual product in the individual email.
Audience Analytics

Know What New Audiences To Target

How are you VIP customers doing? Are you actually growing your loyal customer base? Thats what you can know with real customer analytics.

Full Transparency

Track impact for each order-line to a specific location or campaign.
This way you will always know exactly what value Clerk.io have delivered.