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EU General Data Protection Regulation

How Clerk.io secures EU citizens though EU GDPR compliance.
Please check back regularly to be up to date on our GDPR implementation.
-- Updated May 17th 2018 --

What is the EU GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation - or GDPR - refers to the privacy rights of EU citizens.

The regulation grants EU citizens the right to request access, correction and/or deletion of any personal data held by any given company.

There are 3 key roles under the GDPR:

If you want to know more, you check the official EU GDPR website.

For Data Subjects

Data Subjects are the end consumers shopping at any store (Data Controller) using Clerk.io.

What is Clerk.io

Clerk.io is a tool used by online stores to help you easier find the products they offer.

We do this via our smart product search, presonal product recommendations, email product recommendations and personal targeting tool.

All our services help you see the products and advertisement that are relevant to you.

To give you that level of personalization we analyze the store product catalog, order history, and your individual browsing patterns only while you are at the store. That allows us, to offer you relevant recommendations and a better shopping experience.

What information is collected?

When you visit a store using Clerk.io the following information may be collected:

The data is stored between 1-12 months depending on your visits' frequency and length.

What can I do?

With any data shared with Clerk.io by the Data Controller you have the rights to (1) obtain a copy of your data, (2) correct your data, (3) get your data erased and (4) opt-out from being tracked.

We enable all our Data Controllers to comply with the above. Please contact the Data Controller for any inquiries.


If you have any further questions about how Clerk.io tracks you as a Data Subject please feel free to contact us at support@clerk.io.

For Data Controllers

Personal Data

Clerk.io only uses the data you send to us. You are in full control of what you send to us and must ensure that all the data you send comply with what you have told your customers.

Clerk.io may use personal data such as identification numbers, email addresses or other data you send to us to provide our service. Clerk.io can be used without any Personal Data but at a significant performance cost.

You may under no circumstances send any kind of Sensitive Personal Data to Clerk.io.

What we do

Clerk.io has been built from the beginning with privacy and security in mind as we do already do the following:

In anticipation of GDPR, Clerk.io have added the following features before May 25, 2018:

What you need to do

If you have any further questions please contact us at support@clerk.io.