Personalise The Customer Journey

We tailor all customer touchpoints using fresh technology and expert shopper knowledge
to eliminate manual marketing campaigns and focus on converting sales.

Sale-Focused Search

Boost Your Conversion Rates

Convert sales in fewer clicks by bringing relevant products to customer attention as soon as they start to type.

 1 Min Video

Switching to immediately raised our conversions from on-site search. Jesper Hvejsel, CEO, Firtal Group

Personalised Product Recommendations

Highlight Your Product Range

Boost order value and profit margin by showing tailored product recommendations to each browsing customer.

 1 Min Video has helped solidify my site as a market leader by increasing average basket size by 45% and average order value by 14% Chris Horridge, Director, Downlights Direct

Email personalisation

Engaging Email Marketing

Bring customers back to site to shop again by adding personalised recommendations to all marketing emails, newsletters and blogs.

 1 Min Video

We A/B-tested between our own manually selected products and's automated email recommendations. gave us 32% higher click-through rate! Nils Træholt, Director, Med24

Find Your Audience

Connect With Your Customers

Save time in your marketing campaigns by finding the right customer for each message to build customer loyalty.

 1 Min Video segmentation enables us to better target customers with relevant recommendations and save time in the process. Nicki Due-Rasmussen, E-Commerce Manager, Sportmaster

Easily Measure Your Results

Our analytics dashboard makes it easy to see the impact that has on your sales.

See the increase in basket size, average order value and conversion rate - minute by minute, order by order

Use the Analytics Dashboard to see exactly how impacts your KPIs.

Highlight individual orders to see the value brought by

Build unique profiles for each customer and learn about their preferences.

Analyse bulk orders to discover which items were affected by

Custom Designs For Your Business

Would you like bespoke search bars, or recommendations for your blogs? Be our guest!

The API allows you to build custom integrations to suit your ambitions and growth plans - including support from our Tech Team to help bring your designs to life. for Developers