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Switching to immediately raised our conversions from onsite search. Jesper Hvejsel, Group CEO, Firtal Group Jesper Hvejsel Group CEO, Firtal Group

A Search Engine Built for E-Commerce

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Understands Just Like a Real Human

Automatically recognize customer search intent and context with special characters, measurements, attributes, modifiers, and categories with faceted search, just like a real sales clerk.

Corrects Spelling Mistakes and Typos

Deliver the correct search result every time even when searchers misspell or create innocent typos with intelligent autocorrect.

Recognizes Synonyms Automatically

Built-in synonym detection across multiple languages enables you to provide relevant search results that otherwise would not have been shown.

Delivers Best-In-Class Navigation

Create the best user experience and simply by adding custom UX-blocks with any product attribute you would like for easy filtering to narrow down search (or category) results

Match Searches With Relevant Content

Include highly relevant content from your blog, categories, and CMS pages that help guide your searchers to purchase using contextual sales-driven AI

Guide Your Search Discovery

Begin populating perfect results after only two keystrokes with instant search for a seamless search experience that helps your search discovery.

Real-Time Search Analytics & Insights

Actionable feedback to better understand what searches drive conversions

Understands every language out-of-the-box, making it possible to instantly implement across your stores in different countries.
Did You Mean Suggestions
Automatically suggest alternative query on zero-result search pages.
Real-Time Indexing
Changes to your products and orders are synced and updated in real time ensuring results are always up to date and relevant.
Manual Accessories
Tell our AI that certain items should be sold together with either one- or two-way product accessory recommendations.
Content Search
Present consumers with relevant content such as blog posts, CMS pages, and landing pages in your searches.
Directional Synonyms
Add two- or one-way synonyms to include or exclude synonyms for custom search results.
Benchmark Performance
Compare your search performance against thousands of other stores powered by
Instant Results
Industry-leading 18ms response time ensures an instantaneous search and seamless shopping experience.
Automatic Product Analysis
Automatic analysis of product information to determine best results for example "shirt dress" and "dress shirt".
Related Searches Report
Access detailed related search reports to better understand search behavior across products and brands.
Align business goals with prioritization and promotion of certain vendors, brands, campaigns, or categories with custom rules.
Health Checks
Instant visual overview of how your store is connected and quality of the data being fed to
Automatically searches for variations on a word, normally pluralizations. Example: searching "dress" also looks for "dresses".
Centralized Developer Logs
Fully detailed developer logs on events from your connected sources and data syncs for instant debugging across channels.
Visual Overlay
Enable real-time autocomplete search results in a custom highlighted overlay module to draw attention to search task.
Complete search revenue attribution and detailed usage statistics including profitability, popularity, lost opportunities, and more.
Demo Store
Test and preview new changes and features on a live demo store with your own feed of products.

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