Switching to Clerk.io immediately raised our conversions from onsite search. Great service and Clerk.io has become an integrated part of our business. Jesper Hvejsel, Group CEO, Firtal Group
Jesper Hvejsel
Group CEO, Firtal Group

Relevant products first

Clerk.io optimises the search results with current sale trends and individual visitor activity - and not just keywords - for a better customer experience.

Changes with the season

As Clerk.io's Search works with current trends, it can easily identify seasonal items. A broad search on "jackets" will show summer jackets in June and winter jackets in January.

More conversions

87% of all consumers find their product in the top 5 results with Clerk.io's Search, which translates to more sales. Clerk.io outperforms the best text-only search engines by 18-21% in added conversions.
Revenue driven search
Search as you type

Immediate results

Clerk.io's Search function starts showing results from the first letter, so there is no wait time for results.

Fixes spelling mistakes

Spelling mistakes should not prevent any customer from finding what they are looking for. Clerk.io's Search corrects on-the-go, so they won't even notice the error.

Uses your customers words

The Artificial Intelligence behind Clerk.io's Search identifies keywords and intentions behind full sentences for a seamless experience.

Intelligent filters

Matching specific criteria is made simple with powerful filters that deliver exactly what your customer is looking for.

Adapts to each search

Clerk.io will deliver different filters depending on the specific query, in such a way that "shoes" and "shoes for kids" will return different filters to accommodate for each search.

If you can filter it, you can search it

Clerk.io's Search allows for customers to directly search for what they are looking for, without the added step. A customer can search directly for "blue sneakers in size 34 for kids" and get the results directly in the search bar.
Inteligent search filters

Real-time Search Analytics & Insights

Easy access to key metrics for more informed business decisions.

Optimising made easy

We deliver a great search experience and also give you the tools to know exactly how to make it even better.

Sales driven decisions

Clerk.io's Search Insights will show you which areas could use optimisation, and it will prioritise them accordinging to its revenue-value. This way you get more value for your time and efforts.

Easy reports

Reading reports should be a pleasurable experience and not a daunting one. If you want to know the current search trends, whether specific or broad, or if you want to know which searches to improve, the text search will give you the information you need with no effort - just like it does with your customers.
Search analytics

Works on all devices

All search results from Clerk.io are built to be responsive and mobile-optimised, so it works perfectly on any device.

Intuitive spelling

Clerk.io automatically corrects spelling mistakes, so we always show the right products - even with typos or spelling mistakes.

Search using natural language

Our Artificial Intelligent search function identifies the central keywords and intentions of full sentences, just as a human would.

Works with your design

You can style all Clerk.io's search results as you wish, as we integrate seamlessly with all website designs.

Instantly capture changes

All changes to products and orders are synced and updated in real time, so all search results are always up-to-date and relevant.

Ultra fast results

With a 19ms average internal computation time, your search results will be immediate, becoming one the fastest parts of your website.
With Clerk.io it's the first time we have a search solution that just works. It's a non maintenance solution, we just set it up and have basically not touched it since. Tue Abrahamsen, IT Manager, BilligVVS.dk ApS
Tue Abrahamsen
IT Manager, BilligVVS.dk ApS

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