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Clerk.io Privacy Policy

Clerk.io is committed to safeguard the privacy of our Clerk.io website visitors; this policy clarifies how Clerk.io will treat your personal data in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in compliance with the Clerk.io Privacy and Cookie Policy.

In compliance with the EU General Data Protection Agreement (GDPR), Clerk.io can inform you, that your personal data is collected either via public websites or social media or via direct contact with you. Clerk. io is storing your personal data in a secured system following the current security requirements to storage of personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Clerk.io website and sub-sites

Clerk.io collects data about your activities on the Clerk.io website through the use of cookies. The collected data does not personally or directly identify you when you visit our Clerk.io website.

The data is used solely for the purpose of improving the conversion rate of the site and to target you with relevant advertising through re-targeting.

All data is collected solely via third-party services such as Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, Adroll among others. Data is transferred via the same protocol as the originating site and may thus not be encrypted. However, Clerk.io ensures, when using third-party services, that these companies are considered safe (e.g. on the EU-US Privacy Shield list) and that the processing of you personal data is only taking place on behalf of Clerk.io and not related to their own purposes.


Clerk.io uses Cookies to collect this data. A cookie is a small text file stored on your device, which allows us to identify you, when you visit the site. Sometimes cookies contain personal data, and in other cases, the cookies merely contain technical information.

If you do not wish to be tracked please use Google Analytics Opt-out, AdBlock or other appropriate extensions for your browser to prevent add-tracking. To clear previously stored data, please remove all cookies in your browser settings.

You are not obliged to accept cookies from our Clerk.io website. However, please note that by declining the usage of cookies, some services on webpages on the Clerk.io website might not be accessible for you or maybe not work as intended.

If you have any questions concerning our Cookie Policy, please contact privacy@clerk.io.

The Clerk.io Platform

All instructions to the data sent to Clerk.io are held by the Customer as Data Controller, but Clerk.io has the right, as Data Processor, to process and store the data following these instructions and the Terms of Service and this Privacy- and Cookie Policy, if you have entered into an agreement with us.

Your personal data can only be accessed by the users created under Your account, people with your unique API keys or selected Clerk.io employees. No Clerk.io employee may disclose your personal data to any third-party. Clerk.io may use your data in an anonymous or aggregated form for internal or external use (such as computing industry trends, statistics etc).

Clerk.io does always use the current industry best practices for safely storing and processing data. Each account is stored in separated data store containers to further improve isolation and security. Clerk.io uses third-party services to provide our service such as hosting, backup etc.

You can, at any time, request to access any data provided by the Clerk.io API (processed and unprocessed), as long as they hold a valid API key.

Data security

Clerk.io is processing your personal data only in a safe and confidential manner in compliance with current legislation, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Danish data protection legislation.

Clerk.io uses a number of data processors to the above-mentioned processing of your personal information. To this end, Clerk.io has entered into data processing agreements with said data processors, which guarantee that the data processors comply with applicable legislation regarding data protection, including the GDPR.

Clerk.io only uses data processors placed in third countries after having ensured that the data processors have made binding and enforceable commitments to comply with European legislation on data protection, i.e. the GDPR, and thus ensured an adequate level of protection.

Consequently, personal data will only be transferred to data processors based in the US if said data processors have acceded to the EU US Privacy Shield.

In this Clerk.io Privacy Policy you can get further information about our processing of your personal data and about your rights as a data subject.


If you find that the personal data Clerk.io is processing about you is false or inadequate, please let us know and Clerk.io will rectify the information (your right to rectification). Further, please let us know if you wish to receive the personal data Clerk.io store about you in a machine-readable format (exercise your right to data portability). You can contact us on the above address or email address if you want to exercise these rights, the right to restriction of processing or the right to erasure.

If you want to withdraw your consent to receiving newsletters, offers, retargeted marketing or the processing of your personal data, you can, at any time, let us know by stating your request in an email to privacy@clerk.io.

Retention period

Clerk.io will save your personal data for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose stated in the contract or for as long as you want to receive emails etc. with offers and newsletters from Clerk.io. To be able to document compliance with the GDPR, the Danish Data Protection Act and the Danish Marketing Practices Act, Clerk.i will store your name, your email address and your consent to the purposes stated related to receiving newsletters and offers for 2 years after you have withdrawn your consent to receiving any more emails etc. from Clerk.io.

Contact information

According to the GDPR, you have certain rights, including the right to access any of your personal data Clerk.io store and process. If you want to access this information, please contact us and let us know via email at privacy@clerk.io.

The Danish Data Protection Agency

If you want to complain about Clerk.ios' processing of your personal data, complaints can be lodged to the Danish Data Protection Agency at datatilsynet.dk