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Calculate How Clerk.io Boosts Your Sales

We are increasing Sales Revenue for every Customer of Clerk.io and can easily calculate the expected return for your business.

How It Works

Real-Time data collected from thousands of online stores allows Clerk.io to give a calculation for your webshop to show exactly where you can make additional sales.
We consider the strengths and weaknesses of your current webshop and use this data to suggest areas for improvement which will raise your annual sales revenue.
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  • Highlight any gaps in your sales flow.
  • Compare your business to key players in each industry.
  • Learn about how other businesses are optimizing.
  • Find inspiration and create a unique customer shopping journey.
  • Discover the sales revenue to be made via Clerk.io.

How Much More Could Your Business Sell With Clerk.io?


Is Your Website Missing Out On Sales Opportunities?

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The Personalisation Score For Your Webshop Is:

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We have some suggestions which can increase the score to 100/100.

How much of the selling price is left after subtracting product costs.

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Sales Review of {{ store }}

An Analysis on how much {{ store }} could lifts it's yearly profits with Clerk.io

( spoiler alert - it's {{ currency }} {{ total(null, 1 - ((1 - margin) + 0.04 + 0.09)) }} in extra profit every year )
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About This Review

Online Stores today have hundreds or thousands of products in their store.

Online Consumers leave within seconds if they can't find what they are looking for - even if the store had the products they wanted.

Clerk.io's unique technology knows the Consumer and enables online stores to always show the right product at the right time and thus saving otherwise lost sales.

This review details how {{ store }} would benefit by using Clerk.io.

The data in this review are made by comparing the data provided by {{ store }} to the average revenue increase made by Clerk.io on stores within the {{ industry }} sector. all stores using Clerk.io.

The Data Behind This Review

Store{{ store }} Daily Orders{{ orders | number:0 }}
Platform Avg. Product Price{{ currency }} {{ product_price | number:2 }}
Industry{{ industry }} Basket Size{{ basket_size | number }}
Gross Profit Margin{{ margin * 100 | number:0 }}%

Unused Opportunities for Added Sales


{{ currency }} {{ total('search') }}
in additional annual sales


{{ currency }} {{ total('recommendations') }}
in additional annual sales


{{ currency }} {{ total() }}
in additional annual sales

How This Impacts Your Bottom Line

Added Revenue From Clerk.io {{ currency }} {{ total() }}
Product Costs {{ currency }} {{ total(null, (1 - margin)) }}
Packaging Costs {{ currency }} {{ total(null, 0.04) }}
Shipping Costs {{ currency }} {{ total(null, 0.09) }}

Added Profit With Clerk.io {{ currency }} {{ total(null, 1 - ((1 - margin) + 0.04 + 0.09)) }}

How To Achieve These Result


Est. Revenue
{{ $index + 1 }}. {{ question.answer }}
{{ question.explanation }}

{{ currency }} {{ value(question.value) }}

Product Recommendations

Est. Revenue
{{ $index + 1 }}. {{ question.answer }}
{{ question.explanation }}

{{ currency }} {{ value(question.value) }}

Unisport have used Clerk.io for personalisation and customer insights since 2011.

When first installing Clerk.io we A/B-split-tested it against our existing provider. Clerk.io beat them by a whopping 143% in additional sales.

Needless to say, Clerk.io has been an integrated part of Unisport's global expansion ever since.

Filip Domagala, CEO, unisportstore.com
The team at Clerk.io have been faultless and they have helped us increase our online sales. Our total order value is up 13%!
Alistair Hardy, Digital Marketing Manager, Macgregorandmacduff.co.uk
We A/B-tested between our own manually selected products and Clerk.io's automated email recommendations. Clerk.io showed a 32% higher click-through rate!
Nils Træholt, Director, Med24

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