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Fantastic Search Made Simple

Deliver powerful and relevant product search in no time. Clerk.io's sales powered search engine uses your stores current sales trends to always give the most relevant search results.

Superior Relevance Every Day

The key to Clerk.io's superior search performance is that we optimize search ordering not only by keywords but also current sales trends and the individual visitor activity.

Different Season, Different Results

Being sales driven means the same search query will return different results based on you customers current trends. A broad search for "jackets" will show summer jackets in June and winter jackets in January.

Being Sales Driven Drives Conversions

Across all stores using Clerk.io's Search we see that 87% of all consumers find their product in the top 5 results. And in general our sales driven search engine outperforms even the best text-only search engines by 18-21% in added conversions.

The Right Results As You Type

Why wait to your visitors are done typing before helping them? Just give them the right results right away.

Spilling Mistakes? No Problem!

We auto correct spelling mistakes on the fly so they don't interrupt the customers search. They won't even notice that they made the mistake.

Search Using Natural Language

Our search AI understands how humans speak and identify the central keywords and intentions of full sentences.

Simple But Powerful Filters

We have made it super easy to filter down search results to find just the products matching a specific criteria.

Dynamic Filters

To make filtering extremely fast all filter options are custom to the result of the unique search query. This way "shoes" or "shoes for kids" might return completely different filters dependent on what's most relevant for the individual search query.

... Or You Could Just Search For It

Everything you can filter you can also just search for. So instead of searching for "kids sneakers" and then filtering the color to blue and the size to EU34 your customers can just type "blue kids sneakers in size EU 34" and directly get the right results!

Real-time Search Analytics & Insights

Use detailed search analytics to drive key business decisions.

Clerk.io Makes You Smarter

Not only do we deliver a great search experience but we also give you the tools to know exactly how to make it even better.

Revenue Driven

The key purpose of a search function is to drive sales. Thus the first thing you see on you search insight is how much sales you search generate and from what sources. Money talks!

Current Search Trends

Search Insights instantly lets you see top searches for any given period and how your customers use your search.

Instantly See Top Searches to Fix

No reason to pull long haired Analytics reports any more. We instantly present you the top searches to fix that would give you the highest search conversion list.

Search Preview

All searches can be clicked on to instantly get a search preview of the products presented. This saves a ton of time when optimizing search results.

Detail Level Above 9000!

Want to see the search trends of a specific brand or which searches to improve for "womens jeans"? No problem - We let you use free text search to search your searches! This way you can pull detailed reports as easily as your customers can find your products.

Perfect on All Devices

All search results from Clerk.io are build from the beginning to be responsive and mobile first and thus works perfectly on any device.

Spilling Mistakes? No Problem!

Clerk.io automatically corrects spelling mistakes under the hood so we always show the right products even though there is typos or spelling mistakes.

Search Using Natural Language

Our search AI understands how humans speak and identify the central keywords and intentions of full sentences.

Works With Your Design

You can style all search results from Clerk.io just the way you like. We integrate natively in to any website design so you can't spot the difference.

Instantly Capture Changes

Any changes to your products and orders are synced and updated in real time. That way your search results are always up to date and relevant.

Ultra Fast Response

With an average internal computation time of just 19ms your search results will always be there immediately. We will most likely be the fastest part of your website.
Switching to Clerk.io immediately raised our conversions from onsite search. Great service and Clerk.io has become an integrated part of our business.
Jesper Hvejsel, Founder and Group CEO, Firtal Group

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