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Personalized Product Recommendations

The most relevant product recommendations you'll ever present.
Give your customers a shopping experience that makes you stand out.

Front Page

Inspire Your Customers

Your front page is like your store front window. It's meant to inspire bypassers to enter your store. Or rather not bounce!

Greet Returning Visitors

Pick up where they let go. Welcome back returning visitors with personal recommendations based on their last visit.

Show What's Popular

Social proof is a strong purchase trigger and gives your customers confidence - if it was good for others it will also be good for them. So inspire visitors with the products other customers love right now.

Hot & Trending

Keep your front page fresh by showing frequent visitors the most trending products at this moment. Trending products are the products that currently grow most in popularity like new products, great offers or current campaigns.

What Others Are Looking At right Now

A great way to make your home page fresh and alive it to show in real-time what other customers are looking at right now.

Category Page

Make Category Browsing Easy

Category pages is a great way to browse your products - but it often takes many clicks and page views to get to the product you want. And with every click some customers give up and you loose conversions.

Top Popular Products

Category pages often requires a lot of clicks and page views to get to the right products. By showing top popular products in each category you help customers find their perfect product a lot easier.

This way you loose a lot less customers in the process.

Product Page

You Can't Sell What You Don't Show

Your product page is all about the product - until it isn't!

The key purpose of recommendations on the product page is to prevent them from leaving if they think that this wasn't the product they were looking for.

Alternative Products

The customer is looking at this product for a reason. Even though they might not want this they want some thing like it. Offering great alternatives will save your sale and prevent your customer from leaving.

Others Also Bought

Sometimes 2 + 2 really equals 5! The purpose of complementary products on the product page is to inspire with matching products. A jacket might seem too expensive, but the perfect matching pants might convince the customer to buy the full set. Congratulations - you just turned a potential lost sale into a even bigger order.


Sell Like A Pro!

The best time to sell more to your customers is right after they have added a product to the basket. Adding a Add-To-Basket page typically doubles a stores added sales. Plus Amazon have been using this secret weapon in in plain sight for 20 years - so you know it works!

Others Also Bought

The best way to sell more is by showing the best products that goes well with the products added to the basket.

Broaden The Relevance Scope

If the recommendations for the product added to the basket doesn't work then broaden the scope and offer recommendations based on the visitors entire session.

Popular Products

People want to buy what other people buy. Showing popular products works wonders even in an added sales situation.

Popular Offers

If all of the above don't work then we sell on price. But remember - discounts goes directly from your bottom line. So the best thing about selling on relevance is that you don't have to use discounts other than as a last resort.

Cart Page

The Candy At The Counter

It's not by chance that your local store has candy by the counter. Getting that extra product in the basket - how ever small - can have drastic impacts on your business's profitability.

Checkout Offers

Offer checkout offers based on the entire content of the basket. It can even be your own branded products if you want to get that extra high ROI.

Blog, Articles or Landing Pages

Sell Directly From Your Content

Blogs, news-sections, landing pages, and other content are a great way to make your store stand out from the competition.

Content Recommendations

Sell directly from you content with content recommendations. Unlike static links in your content or manually selected products our recommendations will always stay fresh and relevant for many years to come.

Don't Miss Any Opportunity

404 pages, sold-out product pages, empty search result pages and other stop- or error-pages are a certain loss if you don't help your customers take the next step.

Give Great Alternatives

Don't loose a sale just because you product is sold out. Traffic to those pages can easily be converted in to sales by showing great alternatives to the outsold product.

Lead Them On

Don't let 'stop-pages' stop your customers from buying from you! If they end up in a dead-end, such as a empty search result or a 404 page, immediately show them how to proceed with recommendations based on their unique browsing history.

Exit Intent NEW

Help Before They Leave

Many conversions are lost just because customers give up - even though they want to buy. Get a last chance to be helpful and don't let them go away.

Exit Intent Recommendations

Be ready with relevant recommendations as soon as your customer tries to leave your site. Present them with recommendations based on their browsing activity to help them buy from you rather than a competitor.

Real-time Personalization Analytics & Insights

Use detailed personalization analytics to drive key business decisions.

Clerk.io Makes You Smarter

Not only do we deliver great recommendations for your customers - we also make you smarter on how to sell to them.

Know Your True Added Sales

How do you know that customers would not have bought the products anyway? The very first thing you see is how much bigger your orders are if they contain recommendations sold via Clerk.io and what your added value has been. Thats your true added value - clear and transparent!

See What's Working

With Recommendations Insights its easy to see exactly what recommendation elements that perform and how they impact your conversions or basket size.

Know What To Do Better

If your orders with recommendations are 20% higher than your other orders your job is to get more to buy from recommendations. Do this with all the typical CRO tricks as clear call to actions etc. See exactly what you should improve next with our detailed label tracking.
Real-Time Personalization

Make Every Experience Unique

Clerk.io learns from your customers as they navigate your store and continuously optimize and personalize the results based on their interests and actions.
Artificial Intelligence

Almost Human

The technology behind Clerk.io is the first to go beyond Machine Learning and use full scaled AI. This makes Clerk.io think more like a Human and less like a machine.
Mobile & Responsive

Perfect on All Devices

All recommendations from Clerk.io are build from the beginning to be responsive and mobile first.
Seamless Integration

Works With Your Design

You can style all recommendations from Clerk.io just the way you like. We integrate natively in to any website design so you can't spot the difference.
Real-time indexing

Instantly Capture Changes

Any change to your products and orders are synced and updated in real time. That way your recommendations are always up to date and relevant.
Superior Performance

Ultra Fast Response

With a average internal computation time of just 9ms your recommendations will always be there immediately. We will most likely be the fastest part of your website.
Clerk.io has helped solidify my site as a market leader by increasing my average basket size by 45% and my average order value by 14%
Chris Horridge, Director, Downlightsdirect.co.uk

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