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Personal Emails Made Simple

Reconnect with your customers through automated, personalized emails and boost both Click Through Rates and Conversions.

Make Your Newsletters Personal

Newsletters are typically the core of your email marketing. By using dynamic and personalized recommendations you increase the relevancy for more readers and generate more conversions.

Dynamic Content Recommendations

Bring relevant products directly into your newsletters and see your Click Through Rates boom.

Personal Suggestions

Make every newsletter personal and relevant with recommendations unique to your individual customer.

Popular Offers

Don't let them close without a last offer. Bring your currently most popular offers directly in to you newsletter content.

Don't Loose Those Sales

Most abandoned carts are due to life simply intervening. It could be the kids, dog or coworker that interrupted your sale. Use personalized abandoned cart email to remind them where to complete their purchase.

Tailored Recommendations

Convert even more lost carts with personalized recommendations. Give them that extra incentive to not only finish their purchase but also buy even more.

Build Lasting Relationship

Repeat customers are the corner stone of any successful e-commerce business. And the process of getting them back starts immediately after they have placed the first order.

Order Confirmation Mail

Start your next sale right in the order receipt mail. Surprisingly placing relevant product recommendations in order receipts can grow yearly sales with as much as 4%.

Regular Check-Ins

Following up on your customers withing the first few weeks is a great way to stay relevant. A check-in with both personalized recommendations and maybe popular offers can be a great way to make them come back soon.

We Miss You Mail

Months since you have seen a customer? Follow up with some great personal offers and discounts to get them back. At this time there is nothing to loose.

100% Automated Newsletters

Tired of having to write and style every single newsletter you send? With Clerk.io you can create completely automated newsletters to let your customers know what is going on - without lifting a finger ever again.

Top New Arrivals

Start every month with a automated mail with the top new arrivals. This is a great way to sell when most of your customers just received their pay check.

Just For You

Follow up a week later with personal picks just for them. Use several different recommendation types to show what they might be most interested in this month.

Show What Others Love

Inspire customers with products that are currently popular or trending among your other customers.

End Of Month Sale

The end of the month might be a bit slow. But this can be prevented by automatically sending top offers to your customers. This way you get more sales and get your warehouse ready for the next months shipments.

Real-time Email Personalization Analytics & Insights

Use detailed email personalization analytics to make your email marketing even better.

Clerk.io Makes You Smarter

See the effect of your personal email campaigns and recommendations.

Know The True Value

Personalized email recommendations deliver both traffic and direct sales. We split up your reposting in direct recommendation sales (products that were clicked on in your newsletter and bought) and the derived value (other products bought by the customer clicking on the personalized recommendations). This way you can know the exact source of your added sales.

Track Every Campaign

Get a detailed look in to the performance and sales of every campaign. See total revenue but also average conversion rates and order values based on the individual campaign or trigger mail.

Works With Your Email Platform

There is no reason to have a great product if it is not easy to use! That's why we have made Clerk.io super easy to use. Just Copy-Paste a snippet of code into your emails and you are good to go.

We A/B-tested between our own manually selected products and Clerk.io's automated email recommendations. Clerk.io showed a 32% higher click-through rate!
Nils Træholt, Director, Med24

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