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Find the Right Customers for Your Next Campaign

Not all customers are created equal. By being smart and targeting the right customers you can significantly increase your marketing performance, Return On Investment and profits.

Customer Interests

Target Only Relevant Customers

Your customers have vastly different interests so spamming them all with the same message isn't effective. Drive much higher conversions through smaller but targeted campaigns.

Like Google For Your Customers

Audience works like a search engine for your customers. Simply type a few keywords and you will get all your customers with those interests in a matter of seconds. Ready to receive a newsletter or a targeted Facebook ad.

Who Has Purchased This?

Target customers that have purchased specific products or products matching keywords. Use this to re-target these customers with relevant follow up campaigns.

And Who Hasn't Purchased This Yet?

More importantly find out who hasn't purchased certain products. Target the exact customers who have purchased a pink blouse but not the matching skirt?

Customer Loyalty

Build Lasting Relationships

Advertising and CPC costs only go up and up so creating loyal customers are more important than ever. But in order to create loyal customers you need to know who to target and how.

VIP Customers

VIP customer are your bread and butter. VIP customers are typically less than 1% of you customers but can drive as much as 20% of your profits! With Clerk.io you know who they are and you can target them and make them feel special.

Win Back Lost Customers

They might have forgotten you - So you need to show them that you haven't forgotten them! Target lost or slipping away customers with tailored offers and bring them back.

Create Loyal Customers

Converting One-Time Buyers to repeat customers is the easiest and most powerful way of boosting your bottom line. Re-engage them through Facebook and AdWords using custom audiences.

Customer Acquisition

Superior Relevance Every Day

Use your knowledge of your existing customers to acquire new great customers.

Make New VIP Customers

Your VIP customers are the most important customers you have. Find more customers like them simply by exporting your VIP segment to Facebook or AdWords and using their platform to find similar customers.

Target New Customers Based On Interests

Go beyond keywords when creating ads. Find your customers with a particular interest and create lookalike audiences to target new customers with the same interests.

Customer Analytics & Insights at Your Fingertips

Use detailed customer analytics to drive key business decisions.

Clerk.io Makes You Smarter

With Clerk.io you can know your customers and business like never before.

Know The Value Of Your Customer Segments

Not all customers are equal! A single VIP customer can have the value of 100's of One-Time Byers. Know exactly what sets apart your Loyal Customers, Frequent Buyers and most importantly your VIPs!

Monitor Your Growth

Monitor the growth of your critical customer segments. Things might look fine now when your top line is growing but if you are loosing VIP customers you are eroding your long time profitability. Make sure your are on top of healthy growth across all your customer segments.

Where Do You Loose Loyal Customers?

Lost customers that previously were loyal to you hurt your bottom line next quarter and next year. Know your exact losses and customers. And win them back with a single click of a button!

Target Your Customers Anywhere

There is no reason to have a great product if it is not easy to use! With audience you can export your audience to a CSV in a single slick and then use it across multiple platforms.

Audience enables us to better target customers and growing our best customer groups. Information that before could take weeks to compile can now be accessed in seconds.
Nicki Due-Rasmussen, E-Commerce Manager, Sportmaster

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