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Build Awesome Shopping Experiences

We got tired of working with heavy enterprise solutions, where everything takes forever.
So we built Clerk.io around a simple API and powerful libraries to help you get stuff done!

All the features you need, at every level of the stack

We have made Clerk.io extremely Developer Friendly at every level of the stack.


Build Anything You Want

The entire Clerk.io platform is based on a powerful API that is simple to use and gives you room to innovate.

We have built our entire App, Dashboard and Third Party Integrations on our own API after the "eat your own dog food" principle.

That way you know it works!
# Auto suggest search results for "nike sh"
curl https://api.clerk.io/v2/search/predictive\

    "query": "nike shoes",
    "hits": 438,
    "results": [1331659, 1319939],
    "product_data": [
            "id": 1331659,
            "name": "Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire",
            "price": 159.95
            "id": 1319939,
            "name": "Nike Air Max 1 Essential",
            "price": 95.95


Easy integration on any website

On top of our API, we provide our JavaScript library Clerk.js that makes even the most complex setups work like a breeze.

Clerk.js includes a ton of tools to take the heavy lifting out of integrating Clerk.io.
// Auto suggest search results for "nike sh"
        query: "nike sh",
        limit: 2,
        attributes: ["id", "name", "price"],

    function(response) {
        console.log("Searched for: " + response.query);
        console.log("Found " + response.hits + " hits");
        console.log("Products: ", response.product_data);


Embed using only HTML

Clerk.js comes with a powerful embed feature that allows you to embed Clerk.io results directly in to any website without a single line of code.

Just style the product presentation with HTML and Clerk.js will handle the rest.
    Auto suggest search results for "nike sh" 

    The code below will render a list of the 8 best products
    matching the query "nike sh" in the `.product-list` ul
    using only HTML markup!

    All low level rendering is handled by Clerk.js.

<!-- The product list container -->
<ul class="product-list">

  <!-- The Clerk.io Embed code -->
    class="clerk" <!-- Signal Clerk.js that this is a embed block -->

    data-api="search/predictive" <!-- The API to call -->
    data-query="nike sh" <!-- The search query -->
    data-limit="8" <!-- The number of product we want -->

    <!-- The styling applied to each product -->
    <li class="product">
      <a href="{{ url }}">
        <h2 class="name">{{ name }}</h2>
        <img class="image" src="{{ image }}" />
        <p class="price">Price: {{ money price }}</p>


ClerkCore Technology Architecture

All Clerk.io products are based on ClerkCore - Our proprietary Personalization A.I.
ClerkCore delivers a human-like level of personalization and predictions to all Clerk.io products.

An API For Everything

Clerk.io is build API-first from the ground up. Our entire Data Sync infrastructure, Clerk.js and my.clerk.io is build as micro-services on top of our on API.

Clerk.io Is Ultra Fast

Our average internal compute time is just 9ms! This means that we can deliver response times for EU that averages 38ms and sub-100ms for North and South America.

React In Real-Time

Our real-time optimization layer enables us to react in real time as customer behavior changes or new campaigns are launched.

A Service You Can Trust

Clerk.io is build with stability, reliability and security in mind.

38 ms API response

With an internal compute time of just 9ms on average our response time for EU averages 38ms and way less then 100ms for USA and South America.

99.996% Service Uptime

This is achieved by using several layers of proactive monitoring so we catch problems before they escalate to real downtime.

3 Data Centers

Our main service is located in Frankfurt with backup facilities in 2 other data-centers.

256 bit Encryption

We deal with sensitive data everyday. Thats why we use strong encryption whenever we transfer data.

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