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Clerk.io Pays For Itself - Over and Over Again

The sole purpose of Clerk.io is that we make you more money than you pay us!
Use that extra revenue to reinvest in your business growth or maybe as a treat for your self.
Everything is fully automated and with no need for maintenance when first installed.

This is a real screen shot from a typical Clerk.io customer.
After less than 3 months with Clerk.io on E-gear, we already turned our investment into profit! Excellent job guys!!!!!
Martin Egesø, CMO, e-Gear.dk

Customer Analytics & Insights at Your Fingertips

With Clerk.io you can know your customers and business like never before.

Know The Value Of Your Customer Segments

Not all customers are equal! A single VIP customer can have the same value as 100's of One-Time Buyers. Know exactly what sets apart your Loyal Customers, Frequent Buyers and most importantly your VIPs!

Monitor Your Growth

Monitor the growth of your critical customer segments. Things might look fine now when your top line is growing but if you are loosing VIP customers you are eroding your long time profitability. Make sure your are on top of healthy growth across all your customer segments.

Where Do You Loose Loyal Customers?

Lost customers that previously were loyal to you hurt your bottom line next quarter and next year. Know your exact losses and customers. And win them back with a single click of a button!

Real-time Search Analytics & Insights

Not only do we deliver a great search experience but we also give you the tools to know exactly how to make it even better.

Revenue Driven

The key purpose of a search function is to drive sales. Thus the first thing you see on your Search Insight is how much sales your search generate and from what sources. Money talks!

Current Search Trends

Search Insights instantly lets you see top searches for any given period and how your customers use your search.

Instantly See Top Searches to Fix

No reason to pull long haired analytics reports any more. We instantly present you the top searches to fix that would give you the highest conversion rates.

Search Preview

All searches can be clicked on to instantly get a search preview of the products presented. This saves a ton of time when optimizing search results.

Detail Level Above 9000!

Want to see the search trends of a specific brand or which searches to improve for "womens jeans"? No problem - We let you use free text search to search your searches! This way you can pull detailed reports as easily as your customers can find your products.

Personalization Insights

We deliver great recommendations for your customers, but we also make you smarter on how to sell to them.

Know Your True Added Sales

How do you know that customers would not have bought the products anyway? The very first thing you see is how much bigger your orders are if they contain recommendations sold via Clerk.io and what your added value has been. Thats your true added value - clear and transparent!

See What's Working

With Recommendations Insights its easy to see exactly what recommendation elements that perform and how they impact your conversions or basket size.

Know What To Do Better

If your orders with recommendations are 20% higher than your other orders your job is to get more to buy from recommendations. Do this with all the typical CRO tricks as clear call to actions etc. See exactly what you should improve next with our detailed label tracking.

Real-time Email Analytics

See the effect of your personal email campaigns and recommendations.

Know The True Value

Personalized email recommendations deliver both traffic and direct sales. We split up your reposting in direct recommendation sales (products that were clicked on in your newsletter and bought) and the derived value (other products bought by the customer clicking on the personalized recommendations). This way you can know the exact source of your added sales.

Track Every Campaign

Get a detailed look in to the performance and sales of every campaign. See total revenue but also average conversion rates and order values based on the individual campaign or trigger mail.

We Will Always Have Your Back

Our fantastic support team is always ready to help you if you should need it.
We only want to deliver the best service and do try to go that extra mile for you.
We are extremely proud that we almost only receive 5-star reviews from our customers!

I am a new customer of Clerk, and so far... I'm impressed!

My initial contact with Clerk was through Sam in their sales team. Very professional and has a clear understanding of the product he is selling and how it can benefit an eCommerce site. I could not find a question that he could not answer (I tried).

The technical guys at Clerk that I have worked with are Jacob and Stefan. What I like about both of these guys is that nothing is too much trouble. They genuinely seem like they want to help. If I think of anything I need, I say 'hi' on the live chat and I get instant assistance. Literally, 'no problem Gary, I'll do that now for you' attitude. They're great.

Clerk also provide ongoing tutorials and webinars. I participated in one recently by Laurids, which was excellent. The question I asked during the webinar was also responded to efficiently.

Clerk deserve 5 stars!
- Gary Rolfe, reptilecentre.com

Totally outstanding service and product!

Price and Product = 5 stars
You can use an inconceivable amount of money on AdWords, ads, remarketing etc. but forget how much money there is in the navigation and proper product exposure on your shop. Clerk.io really enhances your customers' experience and allows you to optimise your sales.

Service = 5 Stars
I'll try to keep it short: OUTSTANDING! - Could say much more!

Follow-up = 5 Stars
You just know that with Clerk.io, you can always get good ideas, tips or just a helping hand to improve your business.

I would definitely recommend all shop owners to take a dialogue with Clerk.io if you want to get more out of your shop.

After less than 3 months with Clerk.io on E-gear, we already turned our investment into profit! Excellent job guys!!!!!
- Martin Egesø, CMO, e-Gear.dk
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Real and Measurable Results

Great results don't matter if they can't be measured. With detailed Insights and Analytics you can easily see how and where Clerk.io improves your business.

During a 3-month A/B-splittest, Clerk.io beat our previous vendor by 143% in additional revenue from product recommendations! Filip Domagala, CEO, Unisport

The team at Clerk.io have been faultless and they have helped us increase our online sales. Our total order value is up 13%! Alistair Hardy, Digital Marketing Manager, Macgregorandmacduff.co.uk

We A/B-tested between our own manually selected products and Clerk.io's automated email recommendations. Clerk.io showed a 32% higher click-through rate! Nils Træholt, Director, Med24

Super Easy To Use

There is no reason to have a great product if it is not easy to use! That's why we have made Clerk.io super easy to use. No complicated integrations or deep technical know-how required. Simply download one of our plugins, or add a few snippets of code.

Join Some Great Brands & Companies

Join thousands of great online stores from all over the world who are already using Clerk.io.
It works for them - it will also work for you.

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